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Hidden Iceland has launched the Family Friendly Five-Day Private tour, which explores this fascinating destination in a way that caters to all in the family.

“This is a true multi-generational trip,” says Ryan Connolly, one of the founders of Hidden Iceland. “Although we believe that all our tours are great for families, this one really leans into the family friendly aspect.”

The brainchild of Hidden Iceland travel expert Anika Truter, this new multi-gen voyage includes many of the musts that make for a perfect family vacation.

“Over the years we’ve learned that the term ‘family’ can really mean a lot of different things in terms of travel requirements. After all, a family of four with two teenagers will not want the same itinerary as a family with kids under 5. So, after extensive research and many past trips with families of all ages, Hidden Iceland came up with this new tour,” says Connolly. “We found that there are a few key points that need to be met to really approach a multi-generational style trip that works for everyone in the family.”

The key points Connolly points to are:

  • Reduce the driving time each day and let your guide focus on taking you to the best sights and activities in Iceland.
  • Stay in family-friendly hotels for at least two nights in a row, when possible, so that you’re not living out of a bag the whole time.
  • Provide free time for the family along the way to rest and rejuvenate. This also allows the family to separate for an afternoon while others rest if desired.
  • Provide optional activities so that some (or all) of the family can choose to add into this relaxed itinerary, e.g. horse riding, snowmobiling, ATV touring and even snorkeling can be included for the older kids, while the younger ones can spend time in a manmade ice cave, local goat farm or tomato greenhouse.
  • Include all the absolute must-see spots in the country along the way. These include the famed Blue Lagoon, black sand beaches, dormant volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls and some time in Reykjavik to try Icelandic cuisine…or the world-famous hot dogs.
Sólheimajökull Glacier. (Photo by Paul FencarosWEB)

“We’ve designed it to be family-friendly year-round, which is probably a welcome note for those families wanting to see the Northern Lights while on tour with us (the hotels we use are ideal for walking straight outside in the cold winter air),” says Connolly. “However, if you are traveling through Iceland with very young kids (under 5), then we do suggest that summertime is likely more pleasant for them. The baby lambs, colorful puffins, breaching whales, playful goats and friendly horses are all out in large numbers from late May until early September. There’s also the bonus of the midnight sun at that time of year too.”

Iceland Slowly Reveals Itself on this Magical Trip

Connolly stresses that the tour is ideal for all age groups, noting that, “with the slower pace and (many) optional activities, it can be as adventurous or tranquil as you wish. I think the big difference for this Iceland itinerary is that it can easily cater for both styles. With that said, we did create it to cater for families with kids under 12 specifically, so definitely get in touch if you have younger families.”

Strokkur, Geysir. (Photo by Dennis Stever)

Although five days in Iceland isn’t enough to see everything, this 5-day tour, says Connelly, “only pertains to our private guided section of your vacation. When you get in touch, we’ll make sure to add in time for arrival and departure day and a free day in Reykjavik too, with a kid friendly suggested day out. It’s also very easy for us to increase the days of the private trip too if your clients have their heart set on going a little further afield. It is quite common for families to ask for too many add-ons, which mean we extend the trip by two or even three days.”

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