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Get the Know-How on Luxury Travel

October 27th at 1PM EST | 12PM CT | 10AM PT
Get direct access to Recommend’s panel of travel advisor experts who have a deep understanding of selling to the luxury segment.

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How to Navigate Wellness Travel

Featuring the Wellness Tourism Association's president, Anne Dimon, and a panel of travel advisor experts—Andrea Dragosits, Chris Torgerson & Loulu Lima—this webinar will give you the 4-1-1 on this in-demand market segment.

Tips to Increase Romance Bookings

Join our panel of travel advisor experts, who will give you the tips, know-how and advice you'll need for navigating romance bookings in this new travel landscape.

Tips on Selling Confidently Once Travel Demand Increases

In this Q&A webinar, you take the lead, asking the questions in order to have the right information to confidently sell to your clients post the covid-19 crisis.

Family Travel for the New Decade

family vacation
Presented by Recommend, this webinar will focus on the results of the Family Travel for a New Decade Survey, as well as put the spotlight on how to tap into the powerful emotions of family travel.

What’s New at MGM Resorts in 2020

MGM Resorts is the premier global entertainment company and continues to offer new shows, restaurants, and room renovations. As Las Vegas grows and evolves, so does MGM Resorts.

MGM Resorts – Welcome to the SHOW!

Join Allison Binnion, Executive Director of Tour Group Sales & Transient Sales for MGM Resorts shares with us what’s new in Las Vegas with MGM Resorts including new venues, upcoming events and much more!

Romance Travel Trends for the New Decade

Romance Travel Trends for the New Decade Recommend is proud to present the Romance Travel Trends for the New Decade. In this report, we’ll touch on how COVID-19...

Family Travel Trends for the New Decade

Family Travel Trends for the New Decade Recommend is proud to present the Family Travel Trends for the New Decade. The Family Travel...

Luxury Travel Trends Report

Luxury Travel Trends Report Recommend is proud to present the Luxury Travel Trends Report. The Luxury Travel Trends Report is a complement to...

Wellness Travel Trends Report

SPONSORED BY: Wellness Travel Trends Report Recommend, in partnership with the Wellness Tourism Association, is proud to present the Wellness Travel Trends Report. The Wellness Travel...

Family Travel Trends White Paper

Recommend, in partnership with the Family Travel Association, is proud to present Family Travel Trends.

How to Sell to Millennial & Gen Z Travelers

Recommend’s How to Sell to Millennial and Gen Z Travelers is the go-to report for travel advisors to learn more about Millennials and the generation that’s...