Upcoming Webinars

Forecasting the Tides: Trends in the Cruise Industry
June 20 | 1PM ET | 10AM PT | 12PM CT
Prepare to set sail into a world of extraordinary possibilities as we explore the vast array of cruise options currently gracing the market.
Mastering Luxury Travel: Elevate Your Position and Boost Sales
November 7th 1PM ET | 10AM PT | 12PM CT
Ready to increase your commissions? Join us for a powerhouse webinar featuring a top-notch panel of travel advisors.

Trends Reports & Past Webinars

Selling the Ever-Profitable Multigenerational and Family Travel Segment
April 4th | 1PM ET | 10AM PT | 12PM CT
Today's families are made from a million molds—from young Millennial families to Baby Boomers traveling with their adult kids. Our travel advisor panelists will share the 411 on selling to ALL in the family.
Canada’s Alberta: Insider Tips for Creating Unforgettable Itineraries
During this webinar, attendees were transported to the unforgettable beauty of Alberta, Canada. Watch and learn about the surreal landscapes that make this destination truly unique.
Canada’s Alberta: A Guide to Designing Dreamy Winter Itineraries
Watch and discover winter itineraries that combine outdoor activities for those looking to have adventures in the crisp fresh mountain air combined with indulgent warm and cozy stays, perfect for that those that want to rest, relax and unwind.
Learn the Do’s & Don’ts on Selling to Affluent Clients
Watch as advisors who know a thing or two about what makes an affluent traveler tick and what they're looking for when it comes to the ultimate luxury vacation. Affluent or luxury clients can earn you top commissions.
Unveiling the South Pacific with Avanti Destinations
Watch as we learn more about booking travel to the South Pacific With Avanti Destinations.
Get In On The $1.2 Billion Wellness Economy
This is the time to dive in and get your share of this huge market! From oceanside to mountaintop, wellness resorts abound.
The World’s 15 Safest Countries and Cities
Travel insurance provider Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) has announced the findings of its Safest Destinations report.
Virtuoso: 9 Can’t Miss Experiences For The New Year
Virtuoso's 2024 Luxe Report is a what's what of top trends and destination selections—here's a peek at the top 9 of what's in store.
Cruise Planners Looks at Travel Trends for 2023
Cruise Planners
Cruise Planners saw purchases up 15 percent in 2022 versus the 2019 banner year, and they're looking ahead to see what's coming up for 2023.
Family Travel Trends for 2021 & Beyond
Family Travel Trends for 2021 & Beyond Recommend is proud to present the Family Family Travel Trends for 2021 & Beyond. The Family...
Romance Travel Trends for the New Decade
Romance Travel Trends for the New Decade Recommend is proud to present the Romance Travel Trends for the New Decade. In this report, we’ll touch on how COVID-19...
Family Travel Trends for the New Decade
Family Travel Trends for the New Decade Recommend is proud to present the Family Travel Trends for the New Decade. The Family Travel...