Holiday Inn Resort Montego

Travel Advisor Rates at Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay

The all-inclusive Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay has launched a new Come Back to Jamaica travel agent FAM rate for 2022.

Explore Kenya in 2022

You can explore Kenya with, Liberty Africa Safaris and KAI Collection for travel June 8015, 2022 or Nov 8-15, 2022.
sri lanka

7-Day FAM to Sri Lanka

Travel agents can sign up for a 7-day FAM to Sri Lanka with Sunnyland Tours. 

Explore Israel

This 8-day Peace & Olives FAM will take travel advisors on an exploration of modern day Israel while following the footsteps of its past.

Discover the Galapagos Highlands

On this 8-day Discover the Galapagos Highlands FAM itinerary advisors will explore Quito and the Galapagos Islands.

Tour Peru with Tara Tours FAM

Tara Tours is offering a 7-day FAM trip to Peru for travel advisors to explore Lima, Cuzco, the Urubamba Valley and Machu Picchu.
expo dubai

Expo Dubai FAM with TWC Holidays

TWC Holidays is sponsoring a FAM to Expo Dubai 2020 on Nov. 25, 2021, which includes five nights' accommodations in 5 star hotels.
spain fam

Explore Spain on this FAM

Travel advisors, explore Spain on this FAM trip hosted by and allSpain Travel.

Israel Peace & Olives FAM

On this 8-day Peace & Olives Tour, travel advisors will explore modern day Israel while following in the footsteps of its past.
all inclusive

Costa Rica All Inclusive Stay & Play FAM

This FAM trip, which takes place in Guanacaste, Costa Rica gives travel advisors the opportunity to explore Occidental Tamarindo All Inclusive Beach Resort.

11-Day FAM to Explore Mongolia & Its People

Travel All Mongolia is offering an 11-day all-inclusive FAM trip for travel in 2022.
morocco fam

“In the Kingdom of Morocco” FAM

Explore Morocco on a FAM with and Cherg Expeditions for a 10-night itinerary In the Kingdom of Morocco itinerary.

3 European River Cruise FAMs

Advisors, take note of these three cruise FAMs available through for travel this August and September sailing with AmaWaterways.

FAM Trip to Puglia

Advisors, don’t miss this 8-day FAM trip to Puglia with and Journeys Connect scheduled for March 21-28, 2022.

AmaWaterways Offers Executive-Hosted FAM Sailings

AmaWaterways has announced a series of executive-hosted FAM sailings, encouraging travel advisors to experience its return to the rivers.
amawaterways advance FAM

AmaWaterways’ Advance FAM Rates

In celebration of today's Travel Advisor Appreciation Day, AmaWaterways announced special Advance FAM rates on 25 select sailings in Europe.
african travel

African Travel, Inc.’s New 8-Day FAM

African Travel, Inc. is offering a new 8-day FAM trip for travel advisors to Botswana with flexible travel dates for travel through October.
Riviera River Cruises

Riviera River Cruises Offers FAM Promotion

Riviera River Cruises has announced a $499 per person FAM cruise promotion for travel advisors - with the chance to make the cruise free.
FAMS for African Travel

FAMs for African Travel, Inc.

FAMs are a little different for African Travel, Inc. in a COVID-19 world. Now, running as flexible educational trips advisors can plan to explore Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa along with a companion.

Dubai Will Dazzle During this FAM

Dubai will be showcased during a six-day city tour FAM Package offered by Sunnyland Tours.