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Adventure travel specialist Antarctica21 recently inaugurated a private clubhouse for Antarctica explorers only: the Explorers House in Punta Arenas is a one-of-a-kind facility created just for those who are partaking in the operator’s fly-and-sail expeditions to the White Continent. In other words, adventurers who are waiting for their flight over the notorious Drake Passage to join their ship in Antarctica can now chill in their own private club, complete with a restaurant, bar, coffee station, library, and presentation space—all Antarctica-themed. It’s the ideal space to meet with their future shipmates and listen to pre-departure briefings.

“As Antarctica21 grew, we began thinking of a space in Punta Arenas where we could welcome our guests in a way that matched the feeling and elegance they would experience on our ships in Antarctica. That’s how we decided to create a space of our own,’’ said Jaime Vásquez, co-founder and president of Antarctica21, in a press statement.

Antarctica21 Gateway to Adventure

Explorers House is your client’s first step in their Antarctic experience—as the company shares, it’s a story that begins in Punta Arenas and continues all the way to the White Continent with people who have traveled from around the world to explore one of the most remote places on the globe.

Presentations prepare Antarctica-bound travelers at Explorers House. (Photo by Antarctica21)

The port of Punta Arenas is filled with fellow adventurers headed not only to Antarctica but also to Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn, meaning hotels, restaurants and cafes are jam-packed. With the Explorers House, clients booked with Antarctica21 now have a private space where the team will welcome them and can begin their adventure with the same high level of service they will enjoy aboard Magellan Explorer and Ocean Nova. The former warehouse—a historical building—was renovated and refurbished into a sustainable retreat with new metalwork, turquoise-colored floors and designer furnishings. It has a restaurant with regional Chilean cuisine, a large lounge space for 250 people, a state-of-the-art presentation space for 100 people, interactive touchscreens and life information screens, a library, a coffee station, a gear and gift shop, restrooms, a garden and more.

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