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A greener future demands more than greenwashing, and these two luxury cruise lines are putting their money where their mouth is where environmental impact is concerned.

Scenic Group is Committed to a Greener Outcome

Water refill station aboard Scenic ships. (Photo by Scenic Group)

Scenic Group released its 2023 Impact Report, highlighting its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives under its “Cherish the Planet” initiative. The report showcases significant achievements such as reducing single-use plastics by 95 percent, implementing advanced ship designs for environmental protection, introducing a menu with locally sourced ingredients and launching a Sustainable Touring Inclusion Program to foster global community engagement. These efforts align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, marking Scenic Group’s dedication to sustainable tourism.

“At Scenic Group, we balance ultra-luxury travel with environmental stewardship,” said Glen Moroney, Founder and Chairman of Scenic Group, in a press statement. “We understand that responsible practices are crucial not just for safeguarding the world in which we live but also for ensuring that we can continue to bring our guests to some of the most extraordinary places on earth. Our commitment to sustainability secures the future of transformative travel and is critical to our dynamic growth strategy.”

AmaWaterways’ Focus on Sustainability

AmaWaterways’ Zambezi Queen. (Photo by AmaWaterways)

AmaWaterways celebrated Earth Day by emphasizing its dedication to environmental sustainability, showcasing efforts to diminish single-use plastics, cut down food waste and safeguard water resources.

“We are seeing a renewed interest from our travel partners and guests about sustainability, which we felt made it timely to introduce our new video on the topic,” said Kristin Karst, co-founder and Executive Vice-President of AmaWaterways, in a press statement. “Protecting the environment and enriching the communities we visit is an ever-present responsibility. It is important to provide education and support documents to help travel advisors respond to their clients’ questions and direct them to the products and suppliers that meet their requirements. We are proud of our initiatives, and we will keep building each new ship and itinerary with sustainability in mind.”

The luxury river cruise line uses paper straws, refillable glass bottles, and biodegradable water containers for excursions, as well as recycled materials for luggage tags. This approach significantly reduces plastic and paper use. The pioneering ship AmaKristina led the fleet by earning the Green Award for environmental performance, with 19 more ships following. These vessels connect to shoreside power to minimize fuel consumption and noise. In catering, AmaWaterways opts for greener a la carte meals over buffets to decrease food waste.

In addition, the Zambezi Queen and AmaMagna boast advanced eco-friendly technologies. The Zambezi Queen utilizes a water purification system and runs on battery power at night to prevent riverbed damage. AmaMagna introduced solar panels in 2023, reducing fuel usage with a diesel/electronic hybrid system and featuring a design that cuts fuel consumption by up to 20 percent. These initiatives underscore AmaWaterways’ commitment to a sustainable future in river cruising and environmental conservation.

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