With travelers increasingly on the hunt for opportunities to interact with the people and culture of their chosen vacation destinations, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is responding by bringing Bahamian culture straight to its guests.

“People are traveling to experience different things. They don’t necessarily want to go tan on the beach all day,” says Karen Cruitt, v.p. leisure sales at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. “A lot of people are more interested in a sense of authenticity, and that is what we are trying to deliver.”

In an effort that truly started in 2017, Cruitt described a property that is infusing Bahamian culture at every turn, from the traditional Bahamian food to the art and decor made by local artists and designers to even the smallest details like the name badges of the staff, which let guests know from which Bahamian island they come from in hopes of sparking conversation with curious travelers who may want to know more about that island in particular.

As it relates to dining options, Atlantis has opened a variety of Bahamian food and beverage outlets, with the most notable being the popular Frankie Gone Bananas restaurant located in Marina Village. Also worth mentioning is that Sip Sip recently opened its second location at The Cove at Atlantis. Originally located on Harbor Island, the successful restaurant, which also serves authentic Bahamian food, opened its location in Atlantis as the first truly beachfront dining option available at the resort.

“It’s not just tropical food. It’s Bahamian,” says Cruitt.

Beachfront dining at Sip Sip.

Atlantis is also giving guests a taste for Bahamian culture through its weekly Junkanoo Fest & Feast celebrations. Held every Friday, Junkanoo is a street carnival celebration complete with people dancing in colorful costumes while the band provides the tunes with drums and horns. Guests can also enjoy Bahamian food, costume creation and dance lessons. In addition, Atlantis often features Junkanoo parades at the resort’s authentically Bahamian Marina Village marketplace as an evening experience.

With this effort to bring Bahamian culture to life throughout the property, Atlantis has also undergone a rebranding of its resorts to better define them and the atmospheres that they offer to guests. There is the more casual vibe at The Beach at Atlantis, the newly renovated, multi-generational family escape, The Coral, and the iconic The Royal, while The Cove is the resort’s ultra-luxe enclave and The Reef is its luxury residential offering. Each resort within the property will now feature its own logo and key card.

“While a guest has access to all of the amenities of Atlantis, where they stay now they have a greater sense of place,” says Cruitt.

For more information, visit atlantisbahamas.com.