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Late summers filled with lilting melodies and fruits of the vine? The only thing better is going in early fall. These unforgettable experiences are yours on European River Cruise FAMs with AmaWaterways through

August 7-14, 2024 Melodies of the Danube

Set sail on the AMASonata from Budapest to Vilshofen. Journey along the Danube and see firsthand why this storied river has inspired generations of artists, poets and musicians. Indulge your passion for timeless architecture and art in three magnificent capitals: Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. Countries included are Austria. Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia.

August 8-15, 2024, Taste of Bordeaux

Set sail on the AMADolce from Bordeaux. From romantic walks to red wine, Bordeaux is the cultural capital of all that is quintessentially French. Follow wine’s journey from countryside to cask as you tour centuries-old vineyards and taste Bordeaux’s finest vintages throughout your river cruise experience. Step into living history when you visit historic Roquetaillade Castle and Château Boutinet, delighting in their elegant décor and regal architecture. Then, contrast their grandeur with the pastoral gems including the historic village of Saint-Émilion and the seaside resort of Soulac-sur-Mer.

If you choose to come in early, you can begin your journey in the heart of Basque Country, Bilbao! Home to the world-renowned Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao is a cultural hub for rich history and flavorful cuisine. Then enjoy two nights in the stunning seaside resort of San Sebastián before embarking on your river cruise journey in Bordeaux. If you choose to do the optional post stay, you will venture into the UNESCO-designated Loire Valley, the all-important “Garden of France.” Journey to Amboise, the final resting place of Leonardo da Vinci, before concluding your journey in the “City of Lights” which needs no introduction, Paris. Countries include France and Spain. Rivers are the Garonne and Dordogne.

Oct 30-Nov 6, 2024, Vineyards of Rhine and Moselle

Set sail from Amsterdam to Luxembourg. Drink in the beauty, history and flavor on a river cruise FAM taking in the Rhine and Moselle river valleys’ iconic vineyards.

The journey begins with a leisurely ride through Amsterdam’s legendary canals, then continues to Cologne where you can whet your palate for the wines ahead by tasting Kölsch beer. As for the vineyards, you’ll soar above them by gondola or hike among the grapes in Rüdesheim and sip wines in Bernkastel as well, learning the legend of the Bernkasteler Doctor. Whatever you choose to do ashore, the stories you’re told and flavors that grace your palate promise to enchant you. Countries to visit include Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Pre nights in Amsterdam or optional post stays in Paris are available.

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