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Aurora Expeditions offers savings opportunities for your clients plus a nice cash bonus for you on new bookings made until June 30, 2023. These are adventures to the far reaches of the globe aboard the company’s purpose-built small ships, Greg Mortimer and their newest, Sylvia Earle, meaning clients will have a chance for exploration in the Arctic Circle, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard and the Northwest Passage.

Adventures With Aurora Expeditions: Limited Time and Availablity

There are three opportunities for your clients to save in addition to the $100 cash voucher for you when you book a new adventure until June 30, 2023. Note: all three offers must be booked and deposited before June 30, 2023.

The savings include flight credits of up to $1000 per person on the 2023 Arctic sailings, couples can shave up to 20 percent off their Arctic adventures, and solo travelers can book without paying the usual single supplement (usually up to 50 percent of the full fare; the No-Solo Supplement perk cannot be combined with other offers). The “solos” on your client list will find the size of Aurora Expeditions’ intimate ships a welcoming and friendly plus—they only average about 132 passengers each).

Aurora Expeditions’ ships are built to go where others can’t, not to mention they’ve been designed in consultation with their expedition team to ensure they meet every standard to be the ideal base camp in the wildest of places, such as the Drake Passage or the Denmark Strait. The inverted bow design used on the vessels, ULSTEIN X-BOW, is a technology that’s been used in the commercial shipping industry and is being used for the first time on passenger vessels—basically, it cuts through swells so passengers feel fewer vibrations and goes through sea passages more quickly. The Rolls Royce stabilizers add even more comfort for your clients. The loading and activities platform is designed for quick on-and-off of Zodiacs and kayaks—just one of the many details that make for a better adventure.

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