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Luxury travel company Classic Vacations has made a significant investment in its digital offerings. The company has upgraded its online booking platform and introduced innovative technology solutions designed to broaden the array of options available to travel advisors. Among them, the integration of the AXUS itinerary management tool and the launch of the Classic VIP Connect program stand out.

Aimed at meeting travel advisors at their point of need, Classic Vacations’ digital upgrades are tailored to streamline the vacation planning and booking process. This initiative points to the company’s commitment to facilitating a seamless, efficient and flexible service model that aligns with the dynamic requirements of designing luxury travel experiences.

Classic Vacations’ Focus on Travel Advisors

At the heart of these digital advancements is the revamped Online Booking Platform, which marks a significant change in how travel arrangements are made. This platform simplifies the booking of complicated travel itineraries, including multi-destination and multi-room reservations, leveraging real-time data on rates and availability. Unique to Classic Vacations is the access it provides to an exclusive inventory of premier accommodations, a first in the industry, especially when combined with the company’s selection of luxury hotels, affiliate offerings and vacation rentals.

The platform also allows travel advisors to enhance travel packages with a wide range of additional services, from excursions and air travel to ground transportation.

Following the introduction of the updated Online Booking Platform, Classic Vacations reported a significant uptick in online sales, with a notable increase in bookings featuring multiple hotels. The platform’s intuitive design has improved the ease with which travel advisors can communicate options to their clients, resulting in higher client retention and an improvement in the conversion of quotes to bookings during its initial beta phase.

The AXUS itinerary tool, a favorite among luxury travel advisors for its streamlined approach to itinerary planning, allows for the efficient organization of various travel components into a single, coherent plan, including hotel stays, dining and activities.

Additionally, the Classic VIP Connect program introduces a personalized touch to the travel booking process. Whenever a travel advisor books a hotel from Classic’s preferred collection, a customized note is automatically sent to the hotel, alerting them of their VIP guest’s upcoming stay.

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