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Windstar Cruises has announced a new vegan menu available aboard all six of its yachts, created in partnership with the National Health Association (NHA).

The new menu began as a special offering available for groups and charters, and has now evolved into a fleetwide initiative. The meals are not only plant-based, but also prepared without added salt, oil, and sugar and are gluten-free.

Windstar has begun training its culinary team on the new menu and plans to roll out the program fleetwide in June. Vegetarian options, as well as the line’s existing omnivore menu items, will continue to be served as usual.

Windstar Menus Promote Healthy Diets

“The National Health Association points out that vegetarian and vegan diets are not always healthy, and for meals to be truly health-promoting, they also need to be minimally processed and prepared,” said Peter Tobler, director of hotel operations at Windstar in a press statement. “We’ve seen an increased demand for whole-food, plant-based dishes from our customers, and we’re really excited to work with the NHA to bring them something that’s nutritious and delicious. As a side benefit, plant-based foods also reduce our environmental footprint – a major goal of Windstar’s – allowing us to tread more lightly on this planet.”

Sample dishes from the new menu include Roasted Butternut Squash Velouté with Baked Pumpkin Seeds, Baked Cauliflower Croquettes with Salsa Verde and Sautéed Spinach and Veggie Enchiladas with Black Bean & Cilantro Sauce.

“The Windstar culinary team has knocked it out of the park in executing the specific requirements of our meals,” said Wanda Huberman, executive director of the NHS in a press statement. “Every meal is absolutely delicious and served in a beautiful presentation with so much variety that no one will leave a meal feeling hungry or less than satisfied.”

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