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Avanti Destinations has launched its latest Go365 campaign to inspire advisors to promote independent travel year-round. The campaign takes a look at the off-peak season from October through March and focuses on Christmas markets, winter activities and wellness experiences in both cold and warm destinations. A 50-page e-brochure has been released that you can share with your clients.

Avanti will also host a webinar on selling winter travel on Thursday, July 25, at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific. You can register for this session and request pre-printed postcards promoting winter travel, which you can personalize and send to your clients.

“Off-season is the ideal time to go to Europe and the UK,” said Gina Bang, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, in a press statement. “There are fewer tourists, a less crowded, more relaxed, and a more authentic atmosphere, less waiting in line for popular attractions, greater availability of private guides, and many special winter events and activities, like Christmas markets, winter sports, and the Northern Lights.

“For FIT clients who took their peak season vacation in Europe and the UK and now want to escape the cold weather during the winter months, it’s a great time to recommend Southeast Asia, Egypt, Morocco, the South Pacific, or Central and South America. We first launched Go365 in 2017 to help advisors get more business all year round, and to encourage travel to destinations around the world, as well as Europe, and it has always been enthusiastically received,” added Bang.

A Look at Avanti’s New e-Brochure

The e-brochure includes suggestions for destinations, hotels and add-on experiences in 28 countries and features 35 hotels, resorts and unique accommodations. It also includes 28 experiences, activities and sightseeing tours, most of which are private, though shared; small-group and self-guided activities are also available.

Grand winter tour through Switzerland. (Photo by Avanti Destinations)

You can customize itineraries to match your clients’ preferred destinations, accommodations, and activities while also adding experiences and transfers from Avanti’s extensive product lineup.

Among the 28 sightseeing tours and activities available for custom winter itineraries are Christmas market experiences in Germany, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Iceland, England, Portugal and Switzerland. Other activities include a private chocolate truffle-making workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland; a private snow monkey park tour near Obuse, Japan; a small group fat-tire winter biking tour near Rovaniemi, Finland; and a small group Northern Lights tour from Reykjavik, Iceland (with a free pass for up to two years if the Northern Lights don’t appear).

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