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Family-friendly Hawks Cay Resort has added another layer of fun for everyone through its partnership with Better than Most SCUBA. The largest resort in The Florida Keys now offers new scuba courses, tours and activities right from the Hawks Cay marina.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the official outpost of Better Than Most SCUBA at Hawks Cay,” said Sheldon Suga, vice president and managing director of the resort, in a press statement. “Guests now have more activities to keep them entertained and engaged with our local wildlife at the resort, with new scuba—and by extension spearfishing and lobstering—joining our long list of outdoor amenities that visitors can enjoy in the world-famous Florida Keys.”

Hawks Cay is located right in the middle Keys, which makes it a perfect base of operations for underwater adventures in nearby reef sites, including the Wreck of the Thunderbolt. These are homes to an endless parade of marine dwellers, from tropical fish to coral, eels, lobsters, crabs, turtles, nurse sharks and dolphins.

Fun Water Sports at Hawks Cay Resorts

Better Than Most SCUBA, the resort’s latest addition to its watersports lineup, not only offers your clients dive trips if they’re already certified, but if they’re not, they’ll be happy to either teach them from scratch or hone their skills with their range of diving courses. More experienced divers can opt for lobstering or spearfishing to add to that day’s resort menu. The company has a Coast Guard-certified boat that will take your clients in small groups of 15 or fewer on adventures rather than typical tours, supplying water, fresh fruit and reef-safe sunscreen on every outing.

If your clients would rather stay closer in to the property, there’s plenty to do on the 60-acre resort, including paddleboarding, kayaking, diving, pickleball, tennis, biking, a Dolphin facility and much more.

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