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New year, new commissions rate. Travel advisors booking with Rental Escapes throughout Q1 of 2023 will be able to earn an 11 percent commission rate on all bookings. And when you consider that these are luxury villas you’re booking, those commission checks can be pretty hefty: Think the 5-bedroom Villa Wellness on St. Martin; or the 5-suite Embrace on St. Barths. 

Oh, and in this new year, you’ll also have the opportunity, Rental Escapes has just announced, to partake in a new weekly meeting series, “Wednesdays with Willie.”

That commission hike, said Rental Escapes’ CMO, Willie Fernandez, in a press release statement, is a way to celebrate the company’s “commitment to our most trusted partners, our travel advisor community. Rental Escapes is proud to be the first villa rental company to offer travel advisors an 11 percent commission.”

Rental Escapes Provides Tools to Ensure Advisor Success

And Fernandez also said he’s eager for those one-on-one meetings with travel advisors. The “Wednesdays witRental Escapesh Willie” series allows travel advisors to schedule a 10-minute meeting on Wednesdays with Fernandez in order to gain knowledge on how to sell and market villas, ask any questions, and more. Fernandez is a 30-year travel industry veteran and an award-winning digital marketer who is responsible for Rental Escapes’ brand strategy and marketing initiatives.

“[This] has elevated our partner offerings and provides further support and tools to ensure confident, skilled advisors,” he said.

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