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Just in time for Travel Advisor Appreciation Month, Royal Caribbean Group is revolutionizing the way travel partners manage their social media presence with the launch of Rallio, a new and innovative social media tool.

Developed by Royal Caribbean’s dedicated trade marketing team, Rallio offers ready-to-use, customizable content that can be shared across all major social media platforms. This user-friendly tool helps travel partners enhance their visibility, boost engagement and keep clients informed in real-time. Available for free on starting May 8, Rallio aims to support the business growth of travel partners in the United States and Canada, with the added incentive of up to $500 in co-op marketing spend for those who register throughout May.

“The appreciation for our valued travel partners is at an all-time high and we’re thankful for the trust they have given Royal Caribbean to deliver lifelong vacation memories for their clients,” says Vicki Freed, Sr. VP of Sales and Trade Support & Services. “We remain committed to investing in our travel partner’s business success by providing the right combination of automated features and tools that help our travel partners deliver a more personalized, memorable, and impactful client experience. With Rallio, travel partners will have the full support of Royal Caribbean’s in-house marketing team to help take their social media presence, across all social platforms, and business to a whole new level. We’re excited to be on this journey with them.” 

Royal Caribbean Provides Portfolio of Tools for Advisors

The launch of Rallio marks the latest action from Royal Caribbean Group’s continuous efforts to invest in travel partners’ business success. The company’s automation journey has led to the development of over a dozen automation tools and services that provide travel partners with the resources to deliver a customizable, personalized and impactful client experience. Highlights include:

  • FlexPay:Travel partners can take care of their client’s final payment with up to 10 pre-pre-scheduled automatic payments that can be arranged by date, amount and across more than one payment method. Plus, there are zero fees and interest! 
  • Cruise Planner: Travel partners can now browse and book the best onshore and onboard experiences for their clients, in addition to specialty dining to spa, fitness experiences and more.  By booking ahead, travel partners can secure the best pricing.  
  • Flight Finder:Travel partners can take their customer service to new heights with this tailor-made booking tool that works hand-in-hand with the Espresso experience. Travel partners can modify and cancel flights, change and add seat selections, manage transfers and more, while their clients enjoy benefits like lowest Airfare Guarantee, Assured Arrival and Pay Later.   

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