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Bridgerton fans looking forward to the launch of the show’s new season will feel closer to their small-screen heroes by visiting some of the filming locations used in the hit Netflix show.

Travel experts from Quotezone have researched five hotspots from around the United Kingdom for lovers of the Regency-era romance, which starts its third season with four episodes tonight, May 16th, and followed by the next four a month later on June 13, according to Netflix’s Tudum.

The first season of the Netflix drama ranked number one in 83 countries including the US, UK and India, and was watched by over 82 million households worldwide.

Fans of the popular drama can visit iconic locations from the series across the UK, including Hatfield House, where the interior shots of Penelope’s home are filmed.

Other sights featured in the next series include the Bridgerton family home, filmed in a Palladian-style mansion in Greenwich, London, called Rangers House.

In a media announcement, travel insurance expert Tiffany Mealiff at Quotezone said: “The Bridgerton series on Netflix has been a huge hit around the world and was a top streaming success in the United States. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the next series. Those planning a trip to the United Kingdom can visit the extravagant country homes and mansions featured in the series and experience the dazzling spots for themselves. From city mansions in London to country estates, filming of the series spans across the UK and the locations are jaw-dropping.”

Real-life Bridgerton Filming Locations Across the UK

Penelope Featherington in a pensive moment. Courtesy of Netflix.

Rangers House, London 

The exterior of Rangers House is used for the Bridgerton family residence and portrayed in the series as a cosmopolitan London Home. In reality, it is a Georgian villa built on the edge of Greenwich Park and has welcomed many elite residents in real life, including the royal family and countless aristocrats, and is now open to public visitors.

Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

Real-life filming for the interior of the Featheringtons’ house was in the opulent Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. The stately home provides a regal level of glamor and the interior aesthetic extends perfectly to the colorful Featherington clan. The house and gardens are open for visits.

No. 1 Royal Crescent, Somerset

The Royal Crescent in Bath, Somerset, has many shots in the Bridgerton series and acts as the exterior of the Featherington family home. It was built in the 18th century and is a former Georgian townhouse that high society flocked to back in its heyday, but it is now a museum that is open to the public.

Halton House, Buckinghamshire

The interior scenes of Bridgeton’s house, and the Bridgerton ball at the end of season two, were shot at the French-style Halton House in Aylesbury. The charming mansion has since been sold to the RAF and is home to serving personnel based at RAF Halton, so it’s only available to view on planned open days.

Wilton House, Wiltshire

The gardens and staterooms feature in many episodes of Bridgerton. Most recognisably, Queen Charlotte’s royal residence was filmed in this grand country house – including her bedroom, parlor and garden. Wilton House was also used as the Duke of Hasting’s house exterior and featured as Lady Danbury’s library. The estate is open to the public during the summer season.