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Israel’s tourism sector continues to demonstrate resilience post the events of October 7. Notably, U.S. visitor numbers to Tel Aviv since January 2024 have reached 30 percent of the figures recorded in the first quarter of 2023. This period has also seen significant growth in the hospitality sector, with new hotel openings and the inauguration of a new national park, all of which signal a robust rebound.

“Now more than ever, on the occasion of Israel’s Independence Day not only do we celebrate Israel at this deeply challenging time, we also celebrate the partnership and support of the U.S. travel industry,” said Eyal Carlin, Commissioner of Tourism to North America, Israel Ministry of Tourism, in a press statement. “From reaching record-breaking numbers month over month in 2023 to a near stop after October seventh, we take comfort in seeing signs of healthy growth these past few months with a 30 percent return from the U.S. market this quarter. The enduring interest in Israel and resumption of travel is of great importance not only to the country’s economy but also to its spirit. We welcome and encourage continued travel planning, whether now or in the future.”

Israel’s Hotel Infrastructure is Growing

Several hotels across Israel have opened in the past six months, ranging from architecturally significant buildings to minimalist boutique properties.

The George, a lifestyle hotel in Tel Aviv, opened in February 2024. Located near Rothschild Boulevard, it has 170 guestrooms, including 40 designed for extended stays. The hotel showcases a collection of 1,000 art pieces, three dining venues, a jazz club, a spa, a gym and business-friendly workspaces. Also debuting that month, the luxurious adults-only Almond Hotel, the latest venture by the C-Hotel Chain. Located in Neve Ilan, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, it offers 60 guestrooms, some with private pools, and boasts amenities like a rooftop pool and a spa complex.

In northern Israel, David’s Harp Galilee Resort Hotel’s design and materials pay homage to the area. Located on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, the hotel has panoramic sea views, a day spa and an Israeli restaurant. Albi Florentin in Tel Aviv opened its doors in March 2023, is a modern boutique hotel that offers a digital concierge, market tours and a rooftop lounge.

April saw the opening of Ubeidiya National Park, a significant prehistoric site near the Sea of Galilee. This park, showcasing 1.6 million-year-old human artifacts, is the latest addition to Israel’s portfolio of 81 national parks. Efforts by the Nature and Parks Authority have made the site accessible, inviting further archaeological exploration.

Meanwhile, the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art gained international recognition and attracted 906,350 visitors last year, underscoring its role in exhibiting modern and contemporary art.

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