Now, your clients can upgrade their work from home scenario as Bermuda has announced a new legislation—a new One Year Residential Certificate policy—where non-Bermudians can research, study or work from the island for a 12-month period. Starting on August 1, for a one-time fee of $263, travelers can apply to call Bermuda their new home.

As many have been freed from the confines of the traditional office format, an exciting new opportunity has emerged to transform into digital nomads and relocate your home offices to exciting new destinations. At a time when international travel is limited for many Americans, now they can consider heading to Bermuda. The island is easily accessible from the East Coast, with major cities like New York being under three hours on a nonstop flight. Bermuda has also successfully managed the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to strict early-to-enact protocols (Learn more about Bermuda’s COVID-19 policies here.)

The island’s 21-sq. miles feature an abundance of isolated natural beach and park spaces that make social distancing easy once you’ve logged off for the day and are ready to venture out to explore. These new temporary residents will also have access to a variety of premium accommodations from luxury hotels to private rental homes, all featuring new cleaning and hygiene protocols.

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