Curacao’s New Fully Online Immigration Card

curacao immigration
Curacao Tourism Board transitions to a fully online immigration process.

The Curacao Tourist Board (CTB) is collaborating with the Government of Curacao and Curacao International Airport to switch to a fully online immigration card in an effort to simplify travel to Curacao. Advisors, keep in mind that as of Oct. 1, 2019, it is required to fill in the Digital Immigration Card.

Passengers visiting the island can now go online to to fill out the Digital Immigration Card prior to their trip. This will aid in a seamless travel experience while promoting a green approach by reducing the use of paper.

To stimulate a successful transition, CTB has been in close contact with its local and international partners to assist in informing all visitors about the digitalization of the card.

The following are some quick facts about the Digital Immigration Card:

  • Any person traveling to Curacao by air, who is not registered at the island’s Civil Registry, is required by the local government to have this form filled out prior to entry at airport immigration.
  • People born in Curacao, who are not registered at the Civil Registry of Curaçao, are required to fill out the Digital Immigration Card.
  • The Digital Immigration Card is required pp per trip, regardless of age.
  • Passengers are requested to fill out the form online via their mobile devices or personal computer prior to arrival as soon as they have all travel details.
  • Once a passenger has filled out the Digital Immigration Card, they can edit or update the card as needed by selecting the option “Edit your submitted immigration card.”
  • The information submitted on the Digital Immigration Card will be processed in compliance with Curaçao law (Article 25 of the Ordinance for data protection).
  • For additional information regarding the Digital Immigration Card or technical support passengers are requested to contact

CTB informs that the traditional cards are still available upon arrival and on certain carriers; however we encourage all travelers to fill in the Digital Immigration Card prior arrival to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

CTB will continue to actively promote the Digital Immigration Card through its own channels and will provide support and any assistance visitors may need during this transition process.