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The world (or at least your clients with young children) will be “letting it go” all over again in just a few short weeks as “Frozen 2” hits theaters on Nov. 22, 2019. As movie-goers step back to Arendelle, the fictional snowy kingdom based on the picturesque city of Arenal, Norway, you can have your clients experiencing the real-life destination.

Frozen fans, and their parents, would get to explore the ice fjords and lush evergreen forests of Norway on a small group adventure with Intrepid Travel on the Northern Norway Explorer itinerary. The journey begins above the arctic circle from Oslo to Tromso, while stopping in idyllic fishing villages and exploring the Lofted Islands along the way.

Highlights include:

  • Visiting to Trondheim, which translates as “a good place to live,” and stroll past the colourful wooden storehouses
  • Exploring the Nidaros Cathedral, a Gothic building that houses the remains of St. Olav, the patron saint of Norway

  • Ending the tour in Tromso, hundreds of kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, where guests can take in the thriving arts and culture scene, despite its isolated, northerly location

Intrepid Travel offers many other snow-filled itineraries featuring the Northern Lights, or playing with reindeer like Sven. On the Scandinavian Explorer trip, travelers make their way from Oslo to Helsinki, with opportunities to sail the fjords, take in the hip culture of Stockholm and learn ancient viking maritime history. To meet some of Sven’s friends, book your clients on Russia Expedition: In the Footsteps of the Reindeer Herders 15-day expedition to get up close and personal with reindeer as they learn from the nomadic Nenet people in a remote area of the country. And to enjoy dog sledding and the local culture, sign up your clients fro the Finnish Lapland in Winteritinerary where they’ll get to explore the home and culture of the indigenous Saami people. On top of the rush of a dog sled ride, this trip is also the ideal stop to catch the northern lights.

For more information, visit For more bookings for those movie and TV buffs on your roster, don’t miss these European itineraries featuring filming locations of “The Crown.”