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There’s good news for travel advisors from the world of the future: Chatbots aren’t claiming that they can replace you, and it remains doubtful they could do so, anyway.

ChatGPT, an AI-powered tool developed by OpenAI, has become a virtual celebrity for its power to “scrape” the internet and quickly answer questions on a wide range of topics.

The technology has raised alarm bells among educators worried that students will use ChatGPT to write their papers, while everyone from bloggers to reporters are wondering whether they will soon be replaced by a machine.

For what it’s worth, ChatGPT itself thinks that travel advisors still have value to offer travelers. Asked, “Is it worth using a travel advisor when booking a vacation?,” the bot pretty reasonably replied, “It depends on your personal preferences and the complexity of your travel plans.

“Travel advisors can offer expertise and convenience, helping you plan and book your trip with ease,” according to ChatGPT (which took less than five minutes to generate the answers to all of the questions in this story). “They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their experience, and handle any issues that arise during your trip.

“However,” the bot continued, “if you prefer to do your own research and book your own travel, or if your travel plans are simple, you may not find a travel agent to be worth the cost.”

The chatbot also believes there’s a future in this profession.

“Becoming a travel advisor can be a rewarding career for those who are passionate about travel and enjoy helping others plan their trips,” according to ChatGPT. “The job offers flexible work hours, the opportunity to work from home, and the chance to build relationships with clients.

“However, like any career, it also has its challenges and limitations,” said the bot. “The travel industry is highly competitive, and the job requires strong organizational, sales and customer service skills. Additionally, the role may be impacted by changes in technology, with an increasing number of people booking travel online.”

Still, the question remains: Can a highly intelligent chatbot be useful in organizing a trip? We experimented by asking ChatGPT some questions about planning a vacation to Saint. Lucia, one of the loveliest destinations in the Caribbean.

Can ChatGPT Plan a Complex Vacation to Saint Lucia

Asked what to do in Saint Lucia, the bot suggested hiking the island’s iconic Pitons, exploring the rainforest, visiting a beach like Anse Chastanet, Reduit Beach or Pigeon Island National Park, trying the local cuisine, and touring a botanical garden. Not bad, although it’s worth noting that Anse Chastanet is a private resort with limited access to non-guests.

The bot stumbled, however, when asked where to stay on Saint Lucia, listing the distinctly non-resort-like capital city of Castries alongside better suggestions like Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay and Soufriere.

Asked to suggest hotels, the bot’s reply was solid, if not particularly imaginative. You can’t really talk about Saint Lucia without mentioning the Jade Mountain and Ladera resorts, and ChatGPT also listed the island’s two Sandals resorts and the Windjammer Landing resort.

Sharon Strelzer, a luxury travel advisor at Travel Made Special who has sent dozens of clients to Saint Lucia, said the ChatGPT answers were often “stiff” and—in the case of the Castries recommendation—borderline appalling.

“There is accuracy in [the answers] to a degree, but they lack the flavor and essence of the island that a travel expert might share with a traveler,” said Strelzer.

Strelzer pointed out, for example, that the Jade Mountain description does not mention its jaw-dropping views of the Pitons.

The bot’s listings “do not lend themselves to sharing the uniqueness of the properties and the ‘why’ someone would enjoy one resort versus another,” she said.

“The bot seems to offer very basic, generous marketing speak and does not scratch the service of an island that I adore and know well,” said Strelzer. “Most of what the bot said could be said about any island in the Caribbean—it does not reveal the true personality of this simply stunning island like a travel advisor would share.”