Pleasant Holidays Launches New Hotel Recommendation Tool

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Pleasant Holidays Hotel Recommendation Tool
Pleasant Holidays’ Hotel Recommendation Tool makes it easier for advisors to compare vacation options and share that information with their clients.

Pleasant Holidays recently launched a new online Hotel Recommendation Tool, which is designed to facilitate comparisons of multiple vacation packages and hotels and allows advisors to easily share those options with clients.

To access the Hotel Recommendation Tool, travel advisors must first long into and begin the search for air and hotel packages or stand-alone hotels. After selecting the destination, departure city and travel dates, the site displays hotels, all-inclusive resorts, room types and pricing. The “More Room Options” button allows advisors to select from multiple room categories available at the hotel. In order to create a Recommendation List, advisors can then check the “Add to List” box for the specific room type desired. Each list holds up to six selections total of hotels and/or room types, which advisors can e-mail directly to their clients. The list clients receive includes hotels and descriptions, room types, pricing, hotel images, airline flight numbers, travel dates, and other information to facilitate the decision-making process. Travel advisors can also customize this e-mail with their name, agency, contact information and a personal message.

Pleasant Holidays continues to make significant investments in technology to streamline the online booking process,” said Jack E. Richards, Pleasant Holidays president and CEO, in press materials. “The online Hotel Recommendation Tool makes it very easy and convenient for travel advisors to quickly e-mail multiple hotel recommendations to expedite the sales process. Depending on the specific requests of their clients, travel advisors can share up to six hotel options with one room type each, three hotels with two room types each—for example, a lead and an upsell—or one hotel showcasing six room type options from lead to oceanfront villa suite or similar.”

Pleasant Holidays’ online Hotel Recommendation Tool is currently offered for single-destination itineraries in the United States and internationally, and may be expanded to multiple-destination bookings in the future.

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