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Avanti Destinations launched its new agent website with advanced functionality that allows travel advisors to create, save, price, and share customized FIT vacations 24/7 in under five minutes.

“This is without question the most exciting technology Avanti has ever offered advisors, speeding up and simplifying the quotation and booking process,” said Paul Barry, Avanti’s CEO, in a press statement. “The new site incorporates the accumulated destination and planning knowledge of our most experienced travel consultants and the massive amount of travel services we offer in all our destinations. It then uses artificial intelligence to create truly custom inspirational itineraries or proposals in under a minute—tailored to the destinations, travel themes such as history, family, history, nature, food or romance—and hotel star rating that an advisor selects. 

“Advisors can share these suggested themed itineraries with clients to get their feedback and make modifications. Once dates are selected, the trip can be priced in under one minute. All of this automated functionality is available 24/7. It’s fun, fast, and interactive,” added Barry. 

Once submitted to Avanti, each itinerary created by the advisor is reviewed by the company’s reservation team in one business day to make suggestions and adjustments as needed—all by e-mail. Also, transportation such as air, rail, and car rental will be added by the reservation team. 

“By giving advisors easy-to-use tools to rapidly build and modify a custom vacation on their own, the new website frees up Avanti travel consultants to concentrate on consulting, quality control and putting the finishing touches on a complete, seamless itinerary,” added Barry. 

New Dashboard and Enhanced Hotels & Tours Function
In addition to the advanced planning function and a revamped appearance throughout, there are two other new features: a personalized dashboard and an easy-to-search, enhanced hotels & tours function. 

Agents can easily create, customize, and share itineraries on the new site in under five minutes.

The new dashboard, or advisor workspace, displays a photo, name and contact information for the advisor’s dedicated Avanti travel consultant. Advisors can click to see that consultant’s biography, as well as their favorite itineraries, hotels, tours and experiential options, which can all be loaded into the advisor’s own workspace. The dashboard also displays all current bookings, saved proposals, favorite hotels, tours and experiences, plus quick links to their own agency profile and branding information, which can be used on proposed itineraries. At a glance, advisors can see which bookings are awaiting a deposit or final payment. 

The new hotels & tours function includes expanded content and photos and allows advisors to search through all the possibilities, save those they think their client might like, and send one e-mail with multiple links to those saved choices for their client to review. Advisors can filter their search by star quality or style, selecting from traditional, boutique, contemporary, luxury, elegant, and ultramodern categories. 

Transition and Training
The new site preserves all the functions of the previous site, with the addition of the advanced planning function, dashboard and enhanced, searchable hotels and tours functions. Advisors will still have access to the previous site until the transition has been completed. 

Tutorials for the new site are available on the homepage and in each new area. 

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