Get Educated

Get Educated

Travel Institute

The Travel Institute Gifts Learning Module to Advisors

To celebrate National Travel Advisor Day, the Travel Institute is offering its Business Writing module to travel advisors free of charge.
Saint Lucia

New Saint Lucia Romance Expert Program

Take the new Saint Lucia Romance Specialist Module and start receiving new sales rewards and special benefits offered exclusively to Saint Lucia Romance Expert graduates.
Saint Lucia

Learn & Earn with the Saint Lucia Travel Agent Expert (SLEx) Program

Designed to support your efforts and your business, the Saint Lucia Travel Agent Expert (SLEx) Program is a comprehensive guide to selling this beautiful island.
Family Travel Association Affiliate Program

Family Travel Association Affiliate Program

The Family Travel Association invites their Travel Agent Members to participate in the FTA Academy. This is the industry’s first training and certification program dedicated to the specialty of family travel.

ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Certification Program

ASTA's certification programs provide a higher level of verifiable professional knowledge to the advanced seller of travel. Completion of the program proves to all your proficiency and dedication.
Kenya Maasai

KATS Program: Sustainable Kenya

The Sustainable Kenya elective module—part of the KATS (Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist) Program—covers the efforts being made by Kenya to promote sustainability.
Lamu Henna body art 2 Kenya

KATS Program: Beyond the Wilderness

The Beyond the Wilderness Elective Module heads to Kenya’s coast, where activities such as surfing, scuba diving and skydiving abound. It’s also the place to discover unique historical sites, and sit down for a culinary feast.  

KATS Program: Safaris in Kenya

If you've already completed the Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) Program and now you want to dig a little deeper into this African nation, the Safaris in Kenya elective module is your opportunity to do so. 

Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist Program

Get the in-depth knowledge you need to become a Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist.
Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Specialist Program

Description: Find all the information you need to provide your clients with a simply beautiful vacation in this Caribbean island...