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The price of convenience at international airport customs checkpoints is about to go up.

Fees for the Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI programs are all set to rise on Oct. 1

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced on April 2 that the cost for Global Entry—which speeds reentry into the U.S. from other countries—will increase from $100 to $120 annually, the first price increase in the program’s application fee in 15 years.

NEXUS, which expedites travel between the U.S. and Canada, will now cost $120 annually, up from $50. The price for SENTRI, which similarly speeds up crossings at the Mexican border, will also be fixed at $120.

However, according to CBP, applicants under 18 will be exempt from the application fee when a parent or legal guardian is already a member of NEXUS, SENTRI or Global Entry or concurrently applying for them.

Global Entry Price Hike Explained

The agency said in a press release that “as these programs have matured and expanded, updating the fee structures is critical to their continuation and management.”

The three programs are intended to make U.S. border crossings smoother for “low-risk” travelers. Pre-approval is required for enrollment, and applicants must submit to background checks and an in-person interview.

Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI are part of CBP’s Trusted Traveler Programs, which also includes TSA PreCheck and the FAST program, which expedites low-risk, cross-border shipping.

Currently, Global Entry enrollees are able to clear customs via digital kiosks rather than waiting in line to be processed by a live CBP officer. A forthcoming app will allow travelers to do so using an Apple or Android mobile device rather than a kiosk.

Global Entry is currently available at more than 75 U.S. and international airports and is available to both U.S. and foreign citizens.