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“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it; I’m about to lose control and I think I like it,” sang Mikko Turtiainen, Director of Sales North America for Condor Airlines during the event at Miami International Airport that celebrated the launch of the airline’s year-round nonstop flight from MIA to Frankfurt Airport.

The excitement was palpable among the attendees as well, including travel advisors who were happy to see another flight option for getting their clients to Europe. This is the first Condor Airlines route to South Florida with year-round service.

The DE flight (#2045) departs from Miami at 9:10 PM, arriving in Frankfurt the next morning at 11:40 AM. The nonstop flight will be operated three days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) on Condor’s next-generation Airbus A330neo aircraft with its eye-catching striped livery, with Miami joining Condor’s growing list of North American gateways (New York/JFK, Seattle and Toronto) that have gone from seasonal-only service to year-round service.

Mikko Turtiainen, Director of Sales North America for Condor Airlines.

Said Turtiainen during the event, “Miami year-round into Frankfurt with the new Airbus A330neo aircraft—this is a fantastic product. Now we have four year-rounds—Toronto, New York, Miami and Seattle. So, in that sense, we have extreme confidence in regards to the demand, in regards to the passenger flows that we’re getting.

“And a lot of that comes down to you, the travel trade. All the support that we get from you, it’s very much appreciated. So, thank you already in advance,” said Turtiainen to the audience of travel advisors, Miami International Airport officials and community leaders.


MiamiStripes Over Miami

Designed with a range of colored stripes, from blue to green, the Condor Airlines aircraft was hard to miss through the floor-to ceiling windows of the MIA space the event was being held at, landing as if on cue right behind Turtiainen while he was speaking: “The stripes, they belong in Miami, they belong in South Beach, they belong in Southern Florida, and you can trust the stripes,” said Turtiainen gleefully.

“During the very darkest moments of the pandemic,” Turtiainen said, “Condor made a very bold decision to invest in new planes, to invest in new aircraft, and the decision that was made is that it’s going to be the Airbus A330neo. So, this is going to be our next 10-15 years.”

Premium Economy.

The A330neo accommodates 310 passengers, featuring four Prime Seats, 26 seats in Business Class, 64 seats in Premium Economy Class and 216 seats in Economy Class. Highlights include more personal space, larger overhead bins, a new lighting system, and the latest in-flight entertainment and connectivity. Business Class offers full lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access for all guests. The seats conveniently convert to a bed with a length of 78” and width of 19”. Guests have access to the latest movies, TV series, podcasts and games, all accessible on a 17.3” screen in 4K mode, with touchscreen and remote control. The Prime Seats in the first row of the Business Class provide guests with added space large enough to accommodate two guests, if they wish to dine together and an extra-large, 24-inch entertainment screen. The Prime Seats feature exclusive in-flight amenities such as a premium travel kit, inflight pajamas and a premium snack basket. And when it comes to the airline’s Economy Class, even those come in 2-4-2 configuration, which means each seat is wider than in other airlines, which typically have nine seats in each row.

“Whether you’re leaving out of Miami, New York, LA or Seattle, it’s the same product.  Passengers, customers like consistency, they want consistency. By the end of the first half of this year, we’re going to be up to 17 aircrafts,” said Turtiainen. “By the end of the year, we’re going to be at 18. We’re going to be bigger than we were pre-pandemic. It’s more Premium Economy seats than we’ve ever had. When it comes to our Business Class, you would think everyone has a 1-2-1 nowadays, but they don’t. You still see 2-2-2s out there. What does a 1-2-1 configuration in Business Class mean? It means that every passenger has easy aisle access.

Economy Class

“Each and every flight from those 18 nonstop destinations that we have in North America into Frankfurt is with the new aircraft, the Airbus A330neo,” noted Turtiainen. “We’re able to offer a consistent product to every single passenger that flies over the Atlantic. Same configuration, same seats, same service. Find another airline that can do that. Find another airline that can give you that consistency.

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