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In order to better help you use social media to increase your business, last we we covered “Social Media: Implementing Instagram to Boost Your Business.” And, today, we’re giving you tips on using Facebook for business.

Claire Howard, manager of Communications and Research for American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) was part of a panel discussion at ASTA’s Global Convention regarding Instagram for business, and when we followed up with her, she shared with us tips for Facebook that can help you get in front of a larger audience.

1. Post Regularly

In order to stay top of mind you can’t post to Facebook leisurely. Though it might seem like just one more thing to add to your to-do list, if done right, Facebook can help you get leads that can turn into sales. By posting regularly, you’re helping your algorithm on Facebook to show that your brand is thriving and getting you noticed. When thinking of what to post and what type of content you should create, plan a week in advance. Set out a little bit of time in your schedule to plan out your content in advance. This will also help you be ahead of the game in case an impromptu meeting comes up, or you feel sick, or have a crazy day. Your Facebook presence won’t fall on to the back burner.

Facebook has a built-in scheduler, where you can write up your post, include a link to an article you read, share a photo from a prior trip, and then choose the date and time you would like it to go live on your Facebook page. This makes scheduling and planning your posts ahead easy to implement. Hootsuite, Buffer, or Meet Edgar can also help you schedule things in advance to multiple social media outlets at once.

2. Tag People & Companies

When sharing content on Facebook, whether it’s a photo from a past trip, or an interesting article you read, tag those you’re talking about in the post. If it’s an image from a past trip, tag the tourist board, hotel visited, tour operator used, and friends or clients in the photo. This helps your post get in front of those people, as well as their networks. If you read a story you found interesting, tag the publication, and feel free to even tag some friends or clients who you think would be interested in the article, too. This will ensure your post is being seen by those who you think would be interested in the topic.

To tag businesses or clients, use the @ symbol followed by the company/person’s Facebook handle. This notifies them that you’re talking about them, which in turn can make that business or client re-share your post, which makes your brand and your post now viewable to their followers, too. If your client shares a photo from a trip you planned, re-share it to your network and add your own caption—make sure to tag your client, too.

3. Re-Promote Old Content

Do you have an old post that’s still relatable? How about a travel offer that’s still available? Or a holiday post that’s evergreen that will apply to your followers? Re-share that post with your audience. In your caption, use trending keywords or hashtags to boost the algorithm of the post. (For a list of useful hashtags, check out the “Social Media: Implementing Instagram to Boost Your Business story.)

Tips for Facebook
Creating videos for Facebook, boosts your algorithm.

4. Create Videos

Facebook’s algorithm favors videos. Creating videos can be a simple task. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas: You can start by making a video for your business. Introduce yourself, tell your followers a little bit of what you do and what you can offer them. Make another video about the perks of working with a travel advisor. Share videos of testimonials from your clients saying what a wonderful time they had on a trip you planned. Share videos from your past travels! Talk about a destination you love and include a hidden gem you found or a great restaurant you dined at.

Don’t worry, these videos don’t have to be an intense production. They can be simply taken from your cell phone, and shouldn’t be longer than about one minute. These videos can get re-shared from your followers. Maybe someone who you planned a trip with will re-share the video with their friends and add their own caption about how amazing their experience with a travel advisor was. Or, maybe someone will re-share a video about a recent trip you took and inspire their followers with it. It’s a win-win for you to take a few minutes to share a video to Facebook, make it fun, and have fun with it yourself!

For more advisor tips, click here. Stay tuned for our next social media piece, all about how to create leads through social media!