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The Wellness Tourism Association (WTA), which launched earlier this year, has released the results of its first Wellness Travel Survey, which focused on what consumers are seeking when it comes to a wellness-focused vacation.

The survey consisted of 2,566 respondents during eight months via an online consumer survey. Respondents to the survey were mostly female, with over 92 percent of the entries, and ranged in ages with 46.57 percent 35 to 55, and 43.26 percent over 55, the remainder were under 35 years of age. The survey results were shared during WTA’s inaugural Meeting of Members, which was held last week at Le Monastere des Augustines in Quebec City.

“While the survey has confirmed things we already knew, it also revealed a few surprises,” said said Anne Dimon, president of the Wellness Tourism Association in press materials. “We know the results will provide much needed consumer data for both suppliers and travel advisors.”

According to the survey, a little less than half of the respondents, 44.93 percent, identified a “general, overall reboot” as their main goal for a wellness vacation. About half, 49.22 percent, said they would be willing to spend less than $2,000 on a 5-day all-inclusive wellness vacation, and almost the same amount said they would be willing to spend a little more with 44.86 percent upping the spending total to $2,500 and $5,000. The ideal length of stay for these getaways comes in at three to five nights with 48.75 percent, and 33.63 percent will book a 7-night stay.

Wellness travel
Nearly 70 percent of wellness travelers are seeking a spa escape.

What are these wellness-focused travelers seeking? Well, the majority, 84.56 percent, said a variety of healthy food options is a must have, while 72.9 percent want accessibility to nature, 69.91 percent are seeking access to spa treatments, and 68.86 percent want a wide range of scheduled fitness activities. Eight in 10 of these travelers are seeking “a self-guided program with the opportunity to pick and choose from a menu of options, while two in 10 preferred “a structured program” guided by hosts and experts.

According to the survey, most would like to take these vacations alone, as 24.43 percent choose “solo to meet up with the like minded,” and 22.72 percent selected simply “solo.” However, significant others weren’t left behind, as that was closely followed with 24.28 percent of the respondents.

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