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The Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Taiwan International Ports Corporation joined forces at Seatrade Cruise Global 2023 to showcase Taiwan’s cruise tourism opportunities to industry leaders from around the world.

The collaboration aims to drive economic growth and expedite the revival of Taiwan’s cruise market by attracting international cruise lines and travelers to Taiwan’s ports and destinations.

The Taiwan pavilion at Seatrade Cruise Global 2023 showcased the country’s diverse tourism resources and major ports. As Asia’s second-largest cruise market, Taiwan International Ports Corporation is actively investing in infrastructure upgrades and service enhancements for ports in Taiwan, including expanding berthing areas and streamlining customs clearance processes for passengers.

Taiwan Invests in Cruise Offering

Taiwan Tourism Bureau is also actively implementing measures to encourage foreign cruise ships to visit, including revised incentive regulations with maximum rewards of $15,000 per voyage.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Philippines and South Korea, the recently formed Asia Archipelago Cruise Alliance (AACA) aims to attract international cruise lines by facilitating resource sharing and cross-promotion of tourist attractions. This alliance focuses on developing appealing island-hopping itineraries in the region, contributing significantly to the growth of the Asian cruise industry.

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