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MSC Cruises shared details of the seven new Carousel Productions at Sea shows created exclusively for its Meraviglia Class ships.

On top of hundreds of hours of daily activities, themed evenings, live music, sports tournaments, high-tech interactive arcades and full-scale theatrical productions in the ship’s main theatre—guests sailing on the company’s Meraviglia Classships can now experience a new immersive entertainment concept—Carousel Productions at Sea.

MSC Cruises’ new production brand, Carousel Productions at Sea offers seven new, exclusive shows combining acrobatics, dance, and music to create a multi-sensory entertainment experience with light, sound, and acrobatic performances in an intimate state-of-the-art venue: The Carousel Lounge.

Each 40-minute show has been created to expand the boundaries of imagination, with an expertly curated cast of artists, hand-selected from all over the world for their unique performance skills and trained to the high standards required of MSC Cruises and Carousel Productions at Sea.

The Carousel Lounge
All seven shows will be performed exclusively in the Carousel Lounge, a glamorous and state-of-the-art venue that brings guests closer to a spectacular display of acrobatic flair and artistic finesse. Cutting-edge sound and lighting equipment blend human skills with a host of special effects. Each custom-built, multi-million lounge can accommodate up to 400 guests, creating an unforgettable intimate entertainment experience.

“Our experienced entertainment team works tirelessly to bring the most immersive, high-tech, spectacular entertainment to our guests, creating experiences they will never forget,” said Steve Leatham, head of entertainment, MSC Cruises. “Each show pushes creative boundaries and challenges the status quo to explore new territories to create inspiring experiences that are sure to delight our guests of all ages. The Carousel Lounge is one of our most intimate and technologically advanced venues onboard our ships and we wanted to offer seven truly original shows that take audiences through unique story routes and imaginary universes.”

Here’s are descriptions of what your clients can expect from these new shows.

AJEDREZ—Available on MSC Virtuosa
Inspired by the game of chess, this operatic rock spectacular will introduce two opposing queens, as they fall in love with the same king and challenge each other to win his heart. Throughout the story, we will meet the various characters of the chessboard, from bishops to knights, characterized by life-size statues, as the teams battle it out to the sound of a ticking chess clock.

ARKYMEA—Available on MSC Virtuosa
A scientist finds a hidden world where the wildest ideas and the most ambitious dreams become reality. With the help of a mysterious device, the scientist breaks through dimensions to reach Arkymea, a mysterious place populated by extravagant characters performing acrobatic feats and where magic comes to life all around you.

STRINGS—Available on MSC Grandiosa
This high-flying circus adventure tells the tale of a lonely toymaker and his beautiful muse. The show features an exquisite live soundtrack, spectacular flying acrobatics, mesmerizing circus performers, and more.

SWEET—Available on MSC Bellissima and MSC Grandiosa
This show takes guests of all ages to real-life candy land. This musical show is filled with classic tunes with a twist and promises to entertain the whole family through a sugar-rush of some of the most iconic songs.

MYüT—Available on MSC Bellissima
Follow an emotional journey through magical worlds filled with characters, acrobats, and dancers. As the main character MYüT ventures out in search of help to regain his voice, he is brought to a vibrant world full of colors and flowers, sending him to a dreamlike state. He evolves through changing landscapes each one awakening different emotions and touching his senses. Along the way he makes new friends with special gifts and abilities, he is then guided to the light and discovery of his own talent and voice, which was deep inside him all along.

HOUSE OF HOUDINI—Available on MSC Meraviglia from May 2022
Imagine a celebration of some of the most imaginative and wonderous illusions and magic of the world’s greatest Harry Houdini. The show features contemporary music choices, elaborate costumes, props, and an international cast of performers who sing, dance and spring into life.

ROCK CIRCUS—Available on MSC Meraviglia from May 2022
Take one hugely talented team of acrobats, circus acts, singers, dancers, and musicians, throw in the greatest rock soundtrack made and you have “Rock Circus.”. The only difference is the guitar solos and knee slides will take place in mid-air as the team of performers fly, spin, and leap through the greatest hits of AC/DC, Guns & Roses, and many more of the anthems from Rocks Royalty.

These shows can be booked in advance or onboard and include a signature alcoholic or alcohol-free cocktail to compliment the show theme. Cocktails include Bombay Tonic, Vodka Red Rooster, Virgin Mojito, Rosemary Gimlet, Tiki Mule and Paloma Fizz.

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