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Sustainability is a focus of the 200-passenger Ocean Victory, part of Victory Cruise Lines, operated by American Queen Steamboat Company, a Hornblower Families Company.

Designed by Stunstone Ships as part of its Infinity-class, Ocean Victory will debut the Discover Beyond Alaska Expedition Adventure Cruise itineraries next May.

“We are proud to provide our passengers with an immersive, educational and rare view of Alaska’s natural wonders while maintaining a conscientious attention to their protection,” sid John Waggoner, founder and CEO of American Queen Steamboat Company, in a statment. “Ocean Victory offers the unique combination of sustainable technology, exceptional expertise and indulgent comfort for the ultimate Alaska adventure.”

Ocean Victory’s sustainable practices and features include an X-Bow design that places the most forward point of the ship under the water rather than above it. This allows the hull to cut through waves, providing a soft entry into the sea and eliminating the typical up and down slamming common to other vessels. This also translates to a higher, level of clean-burning fuel efficiency.

Ocean Victory is also part of a new generation of low-energy vessels, boasting four diesel and two electro engines that are electronically controlled to optimize speed, and most importantly, fuel consumption. This focus on fuel consumption allows for the ship to maintain l “Zero Emission Day” capabilities that keep Alaska’s air and water clean. In addition, specially designed stabilizers minimize the necessity of dropping anchor, further protecting the fragile seabed and wildlife that live below.

Maine biologists, scientists, and naturalists with the Department of Marine Biology at California Polytechnic State University are among the ship’s expedition team of 19. Excursions, educational lectures and onboard enrichment will be led by these experts.

Highlights include scientists from the Alaska Whale Foundation in partnership with the Five Finger Lighthouse research team coming on board to help guests discover the humpback whale population of Frederick’s Sound, as well as listening in to the whale’s communications through special hydrophones. Guests will also visit the Sitka Sound Science Center, where they can learn about the organization’s education and research efforts to protect the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of Alaska.

Ocean Victory will begin its maiden season in May 2021 with a 10-night sailing from Vancouver, B.C. to Sitka, Alaska and an 11-night sailing from Sitka, Alaska to Vancouver, B.C. Equipped with a fleet of zodiacs and dozens of kayaks, the vessel will provide guests with in-depth explorations of Alaska’s natural, historic and cultural treasures.

The vessel has 93 suites, of which, 68 will have balconies, nine with French balconies and 16 with panoramic windows, and will carry a crew of 100 in 57 cabins and feature a 2-to-1 guest to crew ratio. Onboard venues include two restaurants, in addition to an open-deck dining area, piano bar, library, gym, heated outdoor pool, spa and jacuzzi, plus observation and lecture lounges and a dedicated expedition and adventures launching platform.

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