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Traveling around the world in style means having a few good books in hand. Here’s a trio of great reads you’ll want to take on your next trip.

Award-winning travel writer Mark Chesnut puts his quick wit, clever observations and excellent story-telling skills to good use in his moving memoir, “Prepare for Departure,” a swan dive into his relationships with everything travel (especially airlines) and his single mother, both equally deep. Pack your carry-on for a trip that will make you laugh, cry and want to stop and smell the roses—and it’s alllll ok. Find it on amazon.


It’s no coincidence that prolific travel writer, editor and author Robert Curley’s nickname is “Caribbean Bob”—he recently published “100 Things to do in the Caribbean Before You Die,” and it could very well be the definitive guide for your island-hopping clients. From the tasty Ruta del Lechon in the mountains of Puerto Rico that takes you on an exploration of the best roast pork on the planet (we might be a bit biased) to the best place to swim with whale sharks in Mexico to “taking a no-tan-lines plunge off the Willy T in the BVI,” Bob will guide your clients to new adventures—and you to new sales. Find it at


Diana Hechler, president of D. Tours Travel, a boutique luxury travel agency that’s a member of Ensemble, drew from her 23 years of experience as a travel advisor to write “Strolling with Your Elephant: Perfect Moments in Travel.” In it, she shares her unique experiences, which include waltzing at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, standing in the sky atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, petting a sleeping rhino in South Africa, and renting a Lockmaster’s cottage along the C&O canal just a few miles from Georgetown in Washington, DC. David Harris, executive chairman of Ensemble, notes, “Diana’s book is a celebration of all the reasons we love to travel.” Find it at

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