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The “little black book” has always had a bit of a titillating history, but Kensington Tours has given it an entirely new meaning with its new Black Book by Kensington collection, a group of ultra-luxe VIP experiences designed around momentous global events. By booking your clients with Kensington, they’ll be able to have unique insider access, usually limited to a very privileged few, think a Hollywood VIP after-event or viewing the famous Formula 1 car race from above the pit in the team paddock in Las Vegas.

And much like the Bond experiences they recall, these “tours” come with private jets and helicopters, yachts, villas, private transfers via Rolls Royce or Mercedes and full-on butler service—your client’s wish is their command.

“Kensington has always prided itself on creating exceptional tailor-made itineraries for its clients, ensuring access to the finest private guides, accommodations, and insider experiences,” said Helen Giontsis, president of Kensington Tours, in a press statement. “In response to the increasing demand for the highest levels of luxury and a sense of ultimate access, Black Book by Kensington unlocks a world of rare insider moments with people, places, and occasions that others can only dream of, in the style they desire. These experiences are designed for those who want to be astonished.”

Black Book by Kensington Experiences

Some of the Black Book by Kensington tours include The Ultimate Oscars Weekend With its Biggest Stars, where your clients can gain entry to the most legendary after-Oscar party or have a mega-star perform for an intimate group of family and friends and then attend his famous Oscars viewing party, with stays at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills among other goodies, and the Fashion, Cuisine & Cars of London, Paris & Milan, where they will fly privately to these cities for an exclusive 10 days of fashion, art and fine dining with stays at top luxury hotels.

Others include a South Pacific getaway with island-hopping via private jet, a three-week private yacht charter to the Dominican Republic with a deep-sea submarine dive with marine scientists and the Giants of Africa and Basketball’s Biggest Stars with VIP attendance to the heart of the events surrounding this celebration in Rwanda, which brings together A-list players, coaches, celebrities and global leaders.

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