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Located in the heart of the Peloponnese Peninsula in Southern Greece, Euphoria Retreat is a sprawling complex nestled in the foothills of the mystical Mount Taygetus, surrounded by its own private pine tree forest, and overlooking Sparta and the fertile valley of the Eurotas River.

A two-and-a-half hours’ drive from Athens International Airport, and less than an hour from Kalamata Airport, the retreat houses just 45 rooms and suites. The monastic tranquility of the setting inspires Euphoria Retreat’s authentic architecture: a luxurious, seamless blend of Byzantine art and Zen design. An on-site garden is home to individual spaces dedicated to the five elements and their different energies, while a private forest provides over 84,000 square feet of space for trekking, hiking and outdoor classes.

“It is Euphoria’s express desire to nurture guests so that they fall in love with life again and feel strong and energetic again,” says Chris Lourantos, general manager of Euphoria Retreat. “The peacefulness of the surroundings blends perfectly with a carefully picked selection of therapies, energy healing and movement practices.”

What are The Main Points of Distinction?

Euphoria Retreat has several points of distinction, including the following:

  • Views of the medieval Mystras Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the traditional village of Mystras
  • An unique blending of ancient Chinese and Greek healing philosophies
  • A setting consisting various buildings developed around a historic mansion dating back to the 1830s, and where modern-day additions meet the architectural history
  • A pairing of the latest scientific advances with millennia-old wisdom in a mythical location of historical and cultural importance. It offers visitors the opportunity to not only indulge in the wellness experience, but also to enjoy the symbiotic relationship that the facilities have with nature
  • Based on the Mediterranean Diet, the culinary philosophy supports that regular, smaller meals taken during the day are the optional way to regulate the precise metabolic needs to detoxify the body, boost metabolism, fight inflammation and reinforce the immune system to support longevity
Euphoria Retreat is surrounded by its own private pine tree forest and overlooks Sparta and the fertile valley of the Eurotas River.

What new Health & Safety Protocols and Procedures have been implemented?

In collaboration with the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) and with the advice of local experts, Euphoria Retreat has created new standards regarding health and safety on the premises:

  • All staff members are COVID-19 tested at frequent, regular intervals.
  • All staff members are trained to follow the latest health & safety hygiene protocols.
  • The temperature of all staff members is checked at the beginning and at the end of their shifts.
  • Signs have been placed indicating the distances that need to be kept between guests.
  • Hand sanitizers have been installed in all areas.
  • All surfaces in public areas are cleaned and disinfected at regular and frequent intervals throughout the day.
  • All rooms, including the SPA treatment rooms, are cleaned and disinfected according to hospital standards.
  • Daily inspections ensure that all measures concerning the health and safety of guests and employees are being followed.

What (if any) new programs are being offered in a post-Covid-19 world?

In 2021, the following two programs were introduced:

Feel Alive Again

Designed to restore and reignite, the four-night Feel Alive Again program can be added and layered to any one of Euphoria other programs, or enjoyed by itself and customized with additional treatments. Program is scheduled over a three-hour period each morning, leaving afternoons free for guests to enjoy at their leisure.

This program is designed aims to release the negative emotions, stress, tension, and anxiety that have built up, perhaps even sub consciously, during the time of the pandemic.  Combining meditation, breath work and body work, journaling, creativity, symbolism, and even a few surprises, guest will be nurtured back to feeling like him/her self again—renewed, restored, and re-energized.

Balance & Recovery

After a stressful period, our immune system is often vulnerable and weak and therefore needs strengthening and empowerment. The five and seven-night Euphoria Balance and Recover program aims to help guests recover after this time in isolation and give them a boost both mentally and physically. As healthy nutrition is important to boost the immune system and energy levels, guests also receive a personalized nutrition plan.

What types of activities or programs are offered?

Euphoria Retreat offers a variety of programs and retreats with a holistic approach to health which helps to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Comprised of doctors, mentors, nutritionists, therapists and fitness instructors, the Euphoria team works together to support and encourage guests on their personal journeys. Ranging from two to 21 days, programs and retreats cover themes including detox, weight loss, relaxation and destress, yoga, mindfulness and others. The complete list of programs can be accessed here.

Another added value for guests is the list of complimentary daily activities and workshops including Meditation, Yoga, Fitness, Mat Pilates, Walking/Trekking, Qi Qong, Lectures and Tai Qi. Guest room rates also includes the complimentary use of various water therapy facilities.

What types of clients does the property typically cater to and what clients would feel most comfortable at the property?  

Operating year-round, Euphoria Retreat typically caters to guests looking for wellness, relaxation, rejuvenation and detoxing, both emotionally and physically. The retreat also attracts the luxury leisure traveler who is interested in the unique culture that surrounds the location, and who will combine a two to four day spa program with time spent exploring the region and other parts of Greece.

What client goals or intentions might be achieved by selecting this property?

Client goals or intentions that could be achieved include weight loss, a general overall reboot, better mental wellness and rest and relaxation.

Can programs be customized to suit clients’ needs?

All programs and private retreats can be customized according to client needs. “We try to show every guest the path to learn to be his/her own healer through a personal journey of transformation based on freedom of choice and joy,” says Chris Lourantos.

What is the best time to travel? 

Each season at Euphoria Retreat has something different to offer. If a client is looking for a wellness getaway in a destination where he/she wishes to enjoy outdoor activities, then Euphoria is the right place to visit in autumn or spring. If the client wishes to have the typically Greek summer holiday plus combine it with a wellness escape, then Euphoria Retreat is the perfect combination. During the winter, the spa is super cozy and the right season for introspection and self-awareness.

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