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Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has taken a page from the extraordinary explorations of years past to create a menu of eight epic voyages that have little in common with the traditional definition of a “tour.” Designed for true travelers looking to slow down and fully engage with their destination—and their shipmates.

Participants will navigate New Zealand’s coastlines and watch for whales, dolphins and seals or encounter Indonesia’s many cultures along its tropical isles. The wide-ranging itineraries were created using Lindblad Expeditions’ 50+ years’ experience in remote, wild and fascinating places.

These lengthy excursions to rarely explored destinations have another plus. “With enough time,” said founder and co-chair of the board Sven Lindblad, in a press statement, “you’re not just a guest, you’re somebody that everybody gets to know.”

Below is a quick peek at all eight of these epic experiences. Rates are per person based on double occupancy:

Atlantic Isles Discovery: From the Falklands to Madeira: 38 Days – A one-of-a-kind Transatlantic voyage from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the windswept splendors of the Falkland Islands, and from the wildlife havens of the South Atlantic to the far-flung volcanic isles of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Departs Mar. 7, 2023. Rates begin at $ $28,010.

Wild Coasts of Argentina, South Georgia, and the Falklands: 24 Days – Experience Argentina’s rugged—and lesser-explored—eastern coast, seeking out secluded ports, wildlife-rich estuaries, and the vibrant waters of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Peninsula Valdes at the height of Southern right whale breeding season. Departs Oct. 19, 2022, rates begin at $26,670.

Under the Southern Cross: New Zealand to Melanesia: 18 Days – Travel from New Zealand’s North Island to the Solomon Sea, following the fascinating history of intrepid explorers, convicts, and traders; learn about the rich cultures of the Maori and the Melanesians. Departs Dec. 14, 2022; Feb. 25 & Oct. 24, 2023; Jan. 24, 2024, rates begin at $15,160.

Exploring Indonesia, Bali, Raja Ampat and Papua New Guinea:  21 Days – Spot rare Komodo dragons in the wild; dive at pristine coral reefs of the Moluccas, Raja Ampat, and West Papua; and take part in exuberant welcome ceremonies at the secluded villages along the way. Departs Oct. 7 & Nov. 27, 2022. Rates begin at $19,480.

South Georgia and the Falklands: 19 Days – Covered mostly in glaciers, South Georgia explodes with life: king, gentoo, and macaroni penguins, enormous elephant seals and a thriving fur seal population. Departs Oc.t 4, 2022; Feb. 26, 2023; Feb. 26, 2024. Rates begin at $23,090.

Southern Odyssey: New Zealand and the Subantarctic Islands: 22 days – Navigate New Zealand’s wild coastlines with whales, dolphins, and seals. Learn about Maori history and culture, tour cosmopolitan cities and explore the beautiful sub-Antarctic islands. Explore Milford Sound and Dusky Sound in the Fiordland National Park. Departs Dec. 27, 2022; Jan. 14, Nov. 30, Dec. 18, 2023. Rates begin at $29,370.

Journey Across the Remote Pacific Islands: 27 Days – Explore some of the most far-flung tropical islands in the world, from the archipelago of Palau to the idyllic shores of Tahiti. Encounter a range of remarkable cultures, including the Chamorros of Guam and the handful of residents descended from the first English settler of Palmerston Island. Departs Oct. 11, 2023. Rates begin at $34,640.

Wild South America: The Guianas to Brazil: 24 days -This exploration winds through five countries, two legendary rivers, and places few people ever see. Have the rare opportunity to explore pristine Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO site, the grand Kaieteur Falls and well-preserved colonial towns. Departs Sept. 24, 2023, & Sept. 24, 2024. Rates begin at $26,340.

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