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Bookings are open for new small-group Explorations tours from Collette. This collection of experiences now includes train travel to maximize your clients’ time and immersion in their destination of choice.

“We look at incorporating train connections to enhance the traveler experience,” said Diana Ditto, senior director of product marketing at Collette, in a press statement. “Why spend extra hours on the coach when a train could cut that time in half? We value our travelers’ time and make that a priority, so when going by rail is the best way to the next destination on tour, we take it.”

The Essence of France, for example, takes them from the bustle of Paris to the sweet calm of Provence by high-speed train just in time for an afternoon of wine tasting. The Mediterranean Coastal Journey will take your clients by local train on an exquisite exploration of the cliffside villages of the Cinque Terre.

Collette Takes Clients Beyond the Usual Tour Bus

Collette’s small-group tours are known for taking clients off the bus and onto unique modes of transportation to help them gain an entirely different perspective of their destination—think tuk-tuks in Bangkok, vintage taxicabs in Dublin, gondola rides in Venice, a private tram in Lisbon or white-water rafting down Montana’s Flathead River.

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