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If you have foodies on your client list, Collette has a tour guaranteed to hit the spot. The tour operator’s new Best of Italy tour has been knocking it out of the park thanks to its focus on one of the Mediterranean country’s finest contributions to mankind: its gastronomy.
The culinary immersion is a 12-day small group experience that allows your clients to get elbows deep with cooking classes dedicated to Romagna’s garganelli and strozzapreti pasta, a visit to a vocational culinary arts school for a Parmigiano cheese and Balsamic vinegar tasting and a food tour through Rome’s medieval district Trastevere. 
You can book them on this tour as early as April 30, 2023. There’s no better recommendation than one from a client, and Collette shared a review from Mary A. of Marquette, Michigan, who shared her favorite memory of the tour: “The lovely lunch at the family farm and the lunch at the vocational school were two of my favorite stops.”
“Travelers who take our Best of Italy tour always get to enjoy some of the nation’s finest tastes,” said Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, president and chief brand officer at Collette, in a press statement. “Plus, being a part of a smaller group allows them to take part in more in-depth experiences, like the multiple locally-hosted meals or the pasta cooking class. Not to mention the other great cultural activities featured in the itinerary.”
Collette specializes in small group tours with out-of-the-ordinary experiences, including transportation that takes your clients off the bus and into where the locals are.
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