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In the June issue of Recommend we covered destination weddings and honeymoon options across the globe to help you find the perfect fit for your clients. And, in the Travel Talk column we reached out to your peers to get the ins and outs on booking a destination wedding. Now, we’re focusing on tips for booking the perfect honeymoon escape.

Travel advisor Quinne Hannah James’ of Perfect Events says for her the top bookings request she gets for honeymoons are “Paradise is always in—beach locales and more exotic locations such as Maldives, and Bora Bora are more honeymoon preferences.”

And what are these clients looking for, James says, “Relaxation and luxury at every level; this is usually the one trip everyone on every income level splurges on.” She also notes that most of her clients are opting for more adventure-based destinations, but adds “honestly the trends have not changed much in decades from quiet and romantic [options].”

Kim Goldstein, president of Journeys Travel Inc. adds that “Clients are booking a lot of add-on experiences (tours, spa, candlelight dinners on the beach), thus enhancing their vacation and making it more memorable.”

For Goldstein, the destination isn’t the focus of her client’s decision-making, but rather it’s more about the experience. “My clients generally aren’t requesting specific destinations, but more so want an adults only, all-inclusive resort on the beach. The destination seems to be secondary to that. I tend to send most of my honeymooners to Jamaica, St. Lucia or Mexico. Guests are looking for private and intimate. They love private pools in a little secluded villas.”

Relaxation and luxury at every level are what agents are saying their clients seek in their honeymoon escape.

Going the Extra Step
James says that she offers her clients a few things that they didn’t originally request such as “End to end assistance from transportation to tours and romantic surprises.” Adding that, “They love photo sessions.” Goldstein focuses on the room experience, “It truly can depend on the client and their budget, but I always try to get a room with a view, soaking tub and/or a concierge level.”

And when it comes to booking honeymoon getaways, James suggests “Matching reality to the internet images…The expectations are so much higher than a regular vacation that you should manage them if you want to ensure client satisfaction.”

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