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Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours has expanded its scenic adventure list of itineraries on board the Scenic Eclipse for the 2019/2020 season, adding several more of the world’s most in-demand bucket list opportunities. Highlights include a 21-day Northwest Passage exploration; a 13-day adventure through one of the world’s most geographically isolated regions, Russia’s White Sea; and two opportunities to take in numerous ports along North America’s east coast, including Halifax and NYC.

Limited to just 200 guests and departing Aug. 15, 2020, Across the Northwest Passage is a once-in-a-lifetime journey on board the Scenic Eclipse that will make its way from Copenhagen, along the coast of Greenland and through the Canadian Arctic Islands until reaching Nome, Alaska, with the amazing scenery lit by the 24-hour sun. Guests will meet local Inuit communities, learning about the harsh environments, culture and wildlife from the onboard expert Discovery Team. There are opportunities for kayaking amongst icebergs, viewing whales, polar bears and Arctic foxes close up, and hiking across the frozen tundra.

Russia’s White Sea is another of the sought-after bucket list trips. Located on the northwest coast of Russia, it is surrounded on three sides and is a southern inlet of the Barents Sea. Its very remoteness is what appeals to so many—unspoiled and untamed. Departing Tromso, Norway’s northernmost port, on June 21 and July 3, guests will get to visit the North Cape and Murmansk before focusing on the Russian Arctic—Archangelsk and the Solovetsky Islands—a forbidden region for decades.

For travelers wanting a closer to home voyage that still ticks the bucket list boxes, Scenic has scheduled 10- and 20-day sailings along North America’s East Coast. The 10-day exploration departs New York City on Sept. 29, 2019 and heads south, taking Baltimore, Norfolk, Wilmington (NC) and Charleston before ending in the Bahamas. Guests interested in doing the entire coast can start earlier (Sept. 20) in Halifax, Canada and add five Canadian ports including Prince Edward Island and Lunenburg as well as the U.S.’s Boston and Martha’s Vineyard.

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