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Starting Sunday, May 1, fully vaccinated visitors flying into Fiji will no longer be required to produce a COVID-19 pre-departure PCR or Rapid Antigen Test, the Fijian Government announced today. 

The change applies to all international visitors entering by air or sea and is a move that is in line with best practice entry requirements among highly vaccinated communities. It will save costs for travelers and make traveling to the Pacific Island destination that much easier. 

From Sunday, May 1, all visitors aged 16 years and above must be fully vaccinated. This change comes as more children globally have access to vaccinations and is to support not only international travelers but Fiji’s local communities.

In addition, as of May 1, all international travelers entering Fiji will now only need to follow the below entry requirements:

  • Be fully vaccinated if you are 16 years old and above with a Fiji recognized dose
  •  Book an in-country COVID-19 RAT prior to departure to Fiji. The test must be completed within 48-72 hours of arrival into Fiji. These can be booked at
  •  Have travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage

“This is yet another significant step for Fiji, making it easier than ever to travel to our idyllic shores from around the globe,” says Brent Hill, Tourism Fiji CEO, in a press statement. “The Fijian Government has continued to respond to data and science, and moved quickly to make these changes, as more countries around the world also relaxed their protocols. There has never been a better, simpler time to come to Fiji than now.”

Fiji has welcomed more than 100,000 international visitors since its borders opened back up in December 2021.

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Anguilla, Brazil, Saint Lucia, South Africa, Cambodia, Costa Rica, NevisCanada and Belize, Dominica have also updated it’s entry requirements. Australia is planning to reopen; Hawaii and Grenada lift COVID restrictions. Papua New Guinea is also welcoming international travelers and Brazil has updated vaccine requirement for kids 5 and older. Plus, St. Maarten moves to endemic strategies.