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Anguilla’s Ministry of Health has released new guidelines for Anguilla’s entry protocols, in accordance with their evolving COVID-19 Exit Strategy. The new guidelines will come into effect on Friday, April 1, 2022.

The guidelines for entry to Anguilla are:

  1. As of April 1, 2022, all fully vaccinated travelers to Anguilla who are 18 years and older will no longer need to apply for permission to enter the island via the travel portal at They will still need to present evidence of full vaccination status with an approved vaccine and a negative COVID-19 test; that is an NAA/PCR/RNA test taken within 3 days of travel or a rapid antigen test taken within 2 days of travel. This information must be presented to the aircraft, ship, agent or fixed based operator. 
  2. The arrival testing will be discontinued for persons who have been fully vaccinated within the last six months, and for persons who have taken a booster dose where completion of the primary series (full vaccination) occurred six months or more prior to arrival; a valid negative test result must be presented pre-arrival. 
  3. Vaccinated adults and minors, who were fully vaccinated with a complete primary course more than 6 months prior to arrival, but have not had a booster dose, are still considered fully vaccinated and will not need to apply for entry via the portal. They will, however, need to test on arrival, at their own expense and a valid negative pre-arrival test result must be presented. The testing fee is US$50.
  4. Unvaccinated visitors under 18 years old are only permitted to enter Anguilla if they are accompanied by fully vaccinated travelers. It should be noted that the exemption for pregnant women is removed given that several COVID-19 vaccines are now approved for use in pregnancy. 
  5. Persons arriving into Anguilla without the appropriate documentation (proof of vaccination and test results) will be required to return to their country of origin; and if it is not possible to return, they will need to complete arrival and exit tests, and quarantine for 5 days at their own expense. Each visitor that is allowed to quarantine will need to pay the Government of Anguilla a fee of $200 in addition to any fines for unapproved entry. 
  6. Unvaccinated visitors who have been granted a medical exemption will be required to apply on the entry portal, test on arrival, quarantine for 5 days and receive a negative test result to exit quarantine. Accordingly, the fee is $100 pp. 

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