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Brazil has updated the rules for entering the country. Now, children over five years old must present a complete vaccination certificate against COVID-19 at the time of check-in (in the case of air travel). According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, countries that have already started childhood vaccination must meet the entry requirement.

These countries includes: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, China, Cuba, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, United States of America, Indonesia, Israel, Paraguay, Peru, United Kingdom, Switzerland, European Union, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Children under the age of two do not need a vaccination passport, only certificates that they are free from the coronavirus. In addition, minors who cannot be vaccinated for medical or humanitarian reasons will also be exempt.

Entry requirements in Brazil include:

  • Valid identity document or passport.
  • COVID-19 test: negative result performed within 72 hours prior to entry into Brazilian territory in a laboratory duly accredited and authorized by the authorities of the country of origin. The certificate must be in Portuguese, Spanish or English.
  • Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 for travelers aged five years and over
  • Present an international yellow fever vaccination card (the vaccine must be applied at least 10 days before the trip).

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Canada has also adjusted their entry requirements, and Australia is planning to reopen. Papua New Guinea is also welcoming International travelers.