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Avanti Destinations has launched its new website, with enhanced user-friendliness and travel agent efficiency.

On their individual dashboards, agents can create, review and modify bookings, apply payment, check on confirmation status, as well as commission by booking. There is also a chat function and step-by-step tutorial and training videos to help agents learn how to use the new site efficiently.

While travel agents’ clients can look at basic information about suggested itineraries, types of products, and destinations on the consumer-facing site, they cannot see pricing or detailed product information, such as hotel selection. Only accredited agents can register for and access the password-protected agent portal, which includes all product information, as well as a dashboard for each agent, with all their bookings, commissions, and record of all communications with the company.

“The new site reaffirms Avanti’s commitment to selling exclusively through our travel agent partners, not direct to consumers,” explained Mark Grundy, Chief Operating Officer of Avanti, in press release material.

To register for Avanti’s new agent portal, visit