There’s no denying wellness vacations are on an upward trend. To keep up with the demand, Butterfield & Robinson has launched a slew of new itineraries for 2020 all incorporating wellness into the experience. These itineraries are not solely about experiencing new places, they’re about finding new ways to re-engage with yourself in different settings.

These new itineraries pair exceptional spa properties in regions that have been practicing healthy lifestyles for millenniums, which will root your client’s experiences in local knowledge, while giving them challenging physical activities, optional yoga classes, and tastings of new food concepts. However, these itineraries still allow for travelers to indulge in wine an let loose, while also prioritizing healthier fare.

These new itineraries include:

  • Wellness, Walking & Wine small group experience traveling from Ischia to Capri
  • Walking & Wellness in the Douro Valley
  • Turkey Walking & Wellness
  • Small Group Dolomites E-Biking, Hiking & Wellness
  • Private Himalayas Hiking & Wellness
  • Private Bhutan Hiking & Wellness

For example, on the Himalayas Hiking & Wellness itinerary—the Indus Valley Spiritual Journey—travelers will explore the Ladakh region while staying in traditional Shakti houses. On this journey they’ll get a glimpse into the Ladakhi peoples’ traditional way of life. Then on the 3-day trek they’ll explore the Indus Valley, spend nights around a campfire, and dine on North Indian cuisine made by a private chef. At the end of the day, travelers will spend the night in their domed tent.

On the 12-day Bhutan Hiking & Wellness itinerary, travelers will be challenged with a high-altitude hike to the remote corners of Bhutan. Keep your client’s fitness level in mind when booking this experience. They’ll go on a 4-day track to the Dagala Thousand Lakes, while their gear is transported on horseback. Along the way, guests will experience Bhutanese culture including their philosophy on happiness, learn Buddhist practices, discuss local legends, and find opportunities for meditation.

For more information, visit And, before booking your clients on a wellness-focused trip, check out “10 Wellness Vacation Questions to Ask Your Clients.”