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Perched atop a mesa in Colorado Springs, the AAA Four-Diamond and recently named “Top 25 Best of the Best Hotels in US by TripAdvisor,” Garden of the Gods Resort and Club is a premier retreat in the Rocky Mountain West, and offers a world-class resort and wellness experience.

STRATA Integrated
Views of STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa. (Photo courtesy of STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa.)

Set among expansive vistas of the snow-capped Pikes Peak and a recognized National Natural Landmark of the same name, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club boasts a legendary history, having played host to some of America’s most beloved personalities such as Walt Disney, Gene Autry and John Wayne. Today, the same beautiful setting beckons travelers worldwide to undergo a personalized journey of restoration and renewal with its spa treatments and integrative, multidimensional wellness offerings at STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa. At STRATA, a team of over 30 board-certified physicians and award-winning therapists across more than 40 disciplines, integrate the best of Western and Eastern medical science with nutrition, fitness, meditation and mindfulness coaching. Guests can stay in one of the hotel’s 116 rooms and suites, or book one of the 1- to 3-bedroom cottages and casitas all with private patios overlooking Garden of the Gods Park.

Amenities include a 27-hole championship course, two outdoor and four indoor tennis courts, three outdoor swimming pools and an array of dining options. The property is a 20-minute drive from Colorado Springs Airport which offers daily flights to and from Denver International Airport along with other domestic destinations.

Garden of the Gods
Meditation session with singing bowls. (Photo courtesy of STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa.)

What are the main points of distinction?
Offering a contemporary approach to healing, combining both western and eastern medicine practices, the onsite STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa boasts a 31,000 sq. ft. spa with features including Sound Therapy, Dry Flotation Therapy and a Pink Himalayan salt-room dry sauna.

STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa will be offering upcoming wellness retreats, each with a unique theme to allow guests to participate in a fully immersive wellness experience. Clients who opt for a wellness retreat can expect a planned itinerary over a span of three to four days to further their wellness journey with activities including sessions on self-reflection, breathwork, meditation and journaling.

Those looking for specific treatments may completely customize their own itinerary when visiting STRATA. Guests of the hotel can choose as many treatments as they would like when visiting outside of the wellness retreats. From mindfulness and breathwork classes on the mesa to dry flotation therapy, guests are welcome to choose the treatment that speaks most to them.

What new health & safety protocols and procedures have been implemented?
Both Garden of the Gods Resort and Club and STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa provide extensive cleaning and safety measures. For instance, the electrostatic backpack fogger, a state-of-the-art disinfecting tool, is utilized in highly trafficked areas of the resort to ensure cleanliness without interrupting the guest experience. Deep cleaning and special sanitization are practiced daily within guestrooms, dining rooms and all wellness facilities, and hand sanitizer stations are set up throughout the property.

What new programs are being offered in a post-Covid19 world?
The Medical Concierge Memberships programs offer a curated approach to those seeking a long-term or short-term approach ranging from a few weeks to a full year. Grant Jones, vice president of wellness says that during the pandemic, “the Immunity Membership has been in demand to assist those seeking a well-rounded approach to maintaining and improving their immune system health.” Apart from the Medical Concierge Memberships, guests looking to support their immune system may opt for a nutritional IV focused on immunity, or an acupuncture session.

Garden of the Gods
Spinning at the resort with mountain views. (Photo courtesy of STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa.)

What types of activities and programs are offered?
Each membership program—including Health, Immunity, Lifestyle and Cardiology—typically spans a year in duration, however, the STRATA team can also personalize the timeframe according to individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s a 60-minute massage for a guest on a 2-day visit or a local who has been participating in the Medical Concierge Memberships for years, STRATA provides healthcare and treatment options to all.

Dry Flotation Therapy, Breathwork Classes and Mindfulness Classes can be either included in the various membership programs or booked a la carte. Individual treatments and activities range in price and can be customized based on guest needs and preferences during their stay.

What types of clients does the property typically cater to and what clients would feel most comfortable at the property?
STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa is a diverse and inclusive environment that caters to every individual’s specific needs. Each wellness-focused program is designed following a personalized and consultative approach to further understand each guest’s unique situation and objectives. Even multigenerational families are welcome at STRATA as there are offerings ranging from pediatric medicine to chiropractic therapy.

Garden of the Gods
Poolside at STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa. (Photo courtesy of STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa.)

What client goals and intentions might be achieved by selecting this property?
“It is about reimagining wellness and the selfcare and healthcare experience,” says Jones. “It is about welcoming and inviting those to STRATA to intentionally create better lifestyles and show individuals what is really possible. We strive to serve every guest or patient to the best of our ability—at STRATA we help those who seek help to continue to live each day more well.”

Clients who visit STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa are given the opportunity to leave the resort with a sense of rejuvenation and reprieve. From breathwork classes on the mesa overlooking Garden of the Gods Park to sound baths, to the sense of place that allows visitors to embrace the healing powers of nature.   

Garden of the Gods
Exam offered under the Cardiac Membership. (Photo courtesy of STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa.)

Can programs be customized to suit clients’ needs?
At STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa programs are built to be flexible. From a 3-week membership to a full year—the options for customization are extensive. Those seeking to focus on specific health concerns are guided to choose the membership that best fits their lifestyle and wellness goals. Highlights of each memberships are as follows:

  • Health Membership:
    • Focuses on integrated, holistic, and comprehensive care that aligns physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being to perfectly balance the body.
  • Immunity Membership:
    • Helps clients build a stronger robust immune response, while upgrading nutrition, improving digestion, and restoring sleep quality.
  • Lifestyle Membership:
    • Creates an immersive and interactive engagement plan that best suits members personal, professional and recreational goals.
  • Cardiology Membership:
    • Treatments are centered around heart-health status, prior cardiac history and lifestyle goals.
  • Premium VIP Membership:
    • Treatment protocols include DNA analysis, stress tolerance, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, and more to allow for a better understand of each individual’s wellness goals.

“Each experience at STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa is unique to each individual. We consult with every person who enters through our front door to ensure our treatments will fulfill wellness goals and, most importantly, focus on the individual’s personal wellness journey. At STRATA each guest will have the opportunity to discover and reconnect with themselves and nature,” says Jones. 

When is the best time to travel?
Colorado Springs is a destination with year-round appeal. Summer offers endless outdoor experiences to explore the Rocky Mountains. Fall showcases the beautiful golden hues surrounding the resort. In winter, guests can cozy up at the resort and relax with spa treatments or enjoy fitness adventures including cross country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. Year round, guests may opt to explore Garden of the Gods Park and the surrounding areas of Colorado Springs.

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