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Located in the Buergenstock Resort, one of Switzerland’s most prominent alpine hotels, Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence lies in the heart of Switzerland on the Burgenberg, a peninsula surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of Lake Lucerne. A 50-minute drive or direct train connection from Zurich International Airport, the luxury medical retreat offers sweeping views of rolling hills and meadows, and spectacular sunsets. Designed sustainably as part of the surrounding nature, the five-star, 45,000-sq.-ft. medical wellness center also features a spacious 13,000-sq.-ft. spa.

Point of Distinction?
Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence offers individualized holistic retreats to those looking to live a long and healthy life while focusing on prevention though nutrition science.  Located in this spectacular alpine setting, Waldhotel offers the latest western medical therapies, state-of-the-art equipment and spa treatments supported by sports and fitness activities, the Waldhotel Colour Cuisine (a mono-colour nutrition method), and all driven by solid Swiss medical expertise in a spectacular alpine setting.

The year-round, health-concept hotel sets the theme of holistic health retreat and medical care sanctuary in a five-star hotel environment. The alpine establishment has been recognized as one of the most innovative medical concepts, and positions itself as a place for self-discovery, rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Each of the hotel’s spacious, light-flooded rooms has its own balcony and faces south, so that every guest can enjoy a liberating view of the Swiss Alps. The conviction that “wellness and self-discovery succeed best hand-in-hand with the nature” is the defining philosophy at Waldhotel.

Types of Programs Offered—Duration and Cost?
The health programs at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence are comprehensive and are supported by a staff of close to 70 medical professionals including doctors, nurses, medical masseurs, fitness instructors, and a psychologist, physiotherapist and nutritionist on hand to assist clients with their individual needs. The full range of disciplines includes internal medicine, cardiology, sports medicine, orthopaedic, diagnostics and laboratory analysis, dermatology and dentistry.

Under the philosophy of Health by Nature, the programs—ranging from three to 14 days in length—cover five main areas: Diagnostic & Advanced Check-ups, Mobility & Activity, Weight Management & Metabolism, Body & Mind Balance, and Beauty & Healthy Ageing. There is also access to individual rehabilitative and therapeutic services, movement therapy, Cryotherapy, cosmetic procedures, sports medicine, dental health, nutritional advice, weight management, and mental wellbeing offerings.

Waldhotel guests often begin a stay with the three-day Waldhotel Check-Up, which includes a range of comprehensive tests. From there they build on the Check-up program with, for example, the 6-day Detox Pro.

All programs are married with innovative, healthy cuisine and cutting-edge spa treatments, and allow guests to de-stress, detox, re-set, re-energize, and simply relax through restorative medical methods in a tranquil, luxury destination surrounded by nature and serenity.

Costs range from  $3,899 for a 3-day program to up to $12,416 for a 14-day program.

What types of clients does the property typically cater to and what clients would feel most comfortable at the property?
With prevention at its core, Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence offers extensive wellness retreats and medical programs that appeal to a mid-age individual, who is conscious of his/her own health, and is looking to live a healthier and longer life. All Healthy by Nature programs are designed with today’s busier consumer in mind, one who aims to escape the stresses of daily life, and is seeking more secluded locations where he/she can work to balance the extensive medical aspect of a program, while enjoying the calming and relaxing Swiss alpine environment. Guests travel from all around the globe, but most guests originate from Western Europe, U.S., Asia and Russia.

Can programs be customized to suit client’s needs?
Given the on-site medical experts’ team, as well as extended equipment and laboratory facilities supported by complex a spa and therapists, Waldhotel is known for its high level of customization when it comes to personalized medical and retreat programs tailored to answer the need of each our customer. All adapted therapies, nutrition plans, activities programs, and medical services are under the strict guidance of a team of experts, and are a recommended result of extended medical check- ups preformed on site.

Best time to travel?
Waldhotel is operated year-round, however, best time to travel is between April and September when the surrounding nature is in full bloom. On the other hand, the spa and the heated outdoor pool are especially cosy and comforting during the winter months. 

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