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There’s a new flight ride attraction coming to the Las Vegas Strip this fall — FlyOver. This new flight ride attraction is a multi-sensory journey that will take guests over the American West’s most iconic locations and natural wonders.

FlyOver’s “The Real Wild West” will immerse guests in iconic destinations within Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, all shot from the vantage point of a helicopter. The visuals for this Las Vegas show will be heightened by a pre-show moment, followed by a trip over FlyOver’s 52.5-ft. spherical screen on a moving platform that enables guests to feel every sweeping movement of the adventure. Special effects including wind, mist and location-specific scents transport guests to these natural wonders. 

The pre-show experience for this Las Vegas show includes a Boarding Area that features sprawling vistas and ambient sound effects, setting the stage for the main event—reminiscent of the title sequence of a classic Western film. Guests are then ushered along suspended platforms into a circular room for a panoramic, 6-minute pre-show projected across 360-degree wraparound walls and a central, hanging medallion.

Set to a stirring original score by Tom Holkenborg, rollicking animations chronicle the booms and busts of the American West, from the Cambrian explosion to Gold Rush ghost towns and Silicon Valley startups. Sweeping in scope, the production relied on extensive research to paint an accurate portrait of the region’s diverse landscapes and communities and offer meaningful overtures to the flight. 

Upon completion of the pre-show, guests will take their seats, and during their flight, they will glide over 22 of the country’s most magnificent cities, monuments and landscapes. Ride highlights include:

  • Viewing the solar eclipse as they fly over a volcanic peak in Oregon’s Cascade Volcanic Arc
  • Seeing first-hand the vantage point of a wingsuiter as they descend Washington’s Stehekin Mountain
  • Riding through Yellowstone with a team of stallions
  • Surfing San Francisco’s biggest waves captured on film in 20 years
  • Nosediving into the Grand Canyon
  • Exploring Goldfield Ghost Town in Arizona
  • Soaking in the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  • Getting a bird’s-eye view of the Las Vegas Strip

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