Rail Travel: The Ease, the Comfort, the Local Immersion

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Take it from someone who just took to the rails while traveling through Poland, there’s NO reason you shouldn’t be recommending your clients hop on a train while vacationing in Europe. It’s seamless, comfortable, easy and, oh yeah, you get to see the stunning scenery up-close.

Rail Europe gives you the FIVE reasons you should tell your clients to book travel by train:

  • Getting to the Heart of a City: In Europe, most of the major train stations are located in the heart of cities, providing excellent connections with other public transportation such as the underground, taxis, and buses.
  • Sit Back, Relax: On board, trains offer spacious carriages with large seats and room for luggage. Passengers can easily walk through the train or head to the bar car, without having to worry about turbulence.
  • Hanging with the Locals: A train ride can be a destination in itself…with high-speed trains offering efficient and rapid connections between two cities, as well as panoramic regional trains showcasing spectacular scenery. There’s also the opportunity to meet locals and learn about the country and culture. It’s truly an experience.
  • Keep Money in Your Pocket: Tickets can be very affordable when booked in advance, while passes not only offer a lot of flexibility and discounts, but also provide local bonuses such as free and discounted activities.
  • Be Eco-Friendly: High-speed rail systems are more environmentally friendly than any other means of transport and even local trains are 25 percent more energy-efficient than a car.

And, of course, if you book your clients with Rail Europe they’ll have their train tickets prior to heading off on vacation…you can’t beat that.

Don’t Pass on It
Rail Europe offers the complete line of Eurail passes covering as many as 28 countries; or just the country of one’s choice. They also offer Swiss Travel Pass, BritRail Pass, France Rail Pass, Germany Rail Pass, Renfe Spain Pass, European East Pass, Balkan Flexi Pass and the Central Europe Triangle Pass.

There’s also the option for your clients to choose Continuous Passes—allowing for travel on consecutive days during the validity of the pass—or Flexi Passes, for traveling on the (consecutive or non-consecutive) days of their choice within the validity of their pass.

Additionally, passes can be purchased up to six months before the first travel day and must be validated within six months of the original date of issue; Eurail, France and German rail passes can now be purchased up to 11 months in advance. And most rail passes are 85 percent refundable if they haven’t been used or activated. Rail Europe also offers a Rail Protection Plan, allowing an exchange or full credit in the form of a coupon code valid for two years.

For more information, visit raileurope.com or agent.raileurope.com