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Avanti Destinations latest educational e-brochure for travel advisors was recently launched in partnership with the tourism authority of Japan’s Setouchi region and features new FIT packages and tours in the area.

Advisors can head to Avanti’s agent portal to find the 16-page “Japan’s Setouchi Region; The Call of the Inland Sea” e-brochure, giving insight on the 3,000 islands, shrines, castles, historic towns, gardens, contemporary art, and  cycling routes in Setouchi. Videos embedded in the e-brochure show how travelers can get to and around the region by Shinkansen bullet train, car, ferry and bicycle. Other videos showcase the region’s scenery, sights and experiences, including food and drink such as tempura, sake, Kobe beef, kaiseki and okonomiyaki.

“The Setouchi region is called the Aegean of the Orient because of its islands, calm waters, mild climate, and relaxing ambiance,” said Paul Barry, Avanti’s executive chairman, in press materials. “It is just the kind of destination we love to recommend to our travel agent partners and their clients—authentic and extraordinary with far fewer tourists, an insider’s treat.”

In the e-brochure, advisors will also find a new 7-day customizable FIT package, Secrets of the Inland Sea, that takes clients to Hiroshima, Okayama and Kyoto. Highlights of this itinerary include private tours of Kyoto; the recently reopened Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima; and the seaside town of Tomonoura with its lighthouse and Fukuzenji Temple. Guests will also get a private tour of the small, sacred island of Miyajima, which is home to the red torii gate of the Itsukushima Shrine that appears to float at high tide. Also included in this package are private roundtrip airport transfers and transportation between cities is via Green Class (first class) rail. Also new are the six add-on tours that travel advisors can book for their clients staying in Hiroshima. These privately led excursions include a city tour of Hiroshima, a tour of the Mazda Museum, a visit to the Miyajima Torii Gate, an overnight stay in Miyajima, and excursions to the Kurashiki Villages or Naoshima Art Island.

For more information, visit Avanti also recently launched new itineraries in Italy; get the details here.