Khiri Travel Indonesia: Earthquake in Lombok Affects Travel

earthquake in lombok
Khiri Travel staff donating goods to Lombok villagers impacted by the July 29 earthquake. (Photo courtesy of Khiri Travel Indonesia.)

A 7.0 earthquake shook Lombok, Indonesia and its surrounding areas on August 5; the most impacted areas have been North Lombok and the Gili Islands. The earthquake in Lombok has caused at least 91 fatalities among residents on the island. Khiri Travel Indonesia has reported that all its clients and staff are safe.

The tour operator is in contact with its clients currently traveling in Lombok, and is looking for alternative accommodations on the island or nearby in Bali where needed. The Lombok airport has been reported to be operating as usual, and extra flights are being added to take tourists out of Lombok. However, the fast boat service between Lombok and Bali has been suspended due to high sea swells.

Over the next few weeks, Khiri Travel will provide options to change travel itineraries, or move guests who are scheduled to visit the Gili Islands to alternative accommodations. The tour company believes that normal travel to Lombok will resume in a few weeks, especially in the unaffected south and eastern areas of the island.

Following the July 29 earthquake, Khiri Indonesia and its partners raised almost $4,000 to help the local residents. The company’s staff had just returned from northern Lombok, where they had been handing out food, blankets, mats, and water to villagers, just a few hours before the Sunday earthquake occurred.

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