As travelers start thinking about checking off their end of year accomplishments or what is on their bucket lists for 2020, Polar Latitudes is offering a little inspiration in the form of savings of up to $3,700 on its voyages to Antarctica. The offer is available on several expeditions if booked by Nov. 28.

Polar Latitudes operates two small group ships, one of which recently underwent a $10 million upgrade to ensure the very latest in safety and style. It also operates the Arakur Resort and Spa, Located on a natural balcony 800 ft. above sea level inside the Cerro Alarken Nature Reserve and surrounded by stunning panoramic views, native forests, natural terraces and green areas harmoniously integrated into the environment.

Unique to its expeditions is a focus on Citizen Science and offering passengers the opportunity to help observe, record, and report on natural phenomena and support long-term academic observation teams.

The Antarctic Peninsula Express – An express voyage for those on a tight schedule, this 11-day version of the “classic” Antarctic Peninsula voyage offers the same abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities and possible stops at active scientific or historic bases as the original while allowing travelers to complete door-to-door travel within two weeks. Departs Dec. 18, 2019; priced from $11,470.

Antarctica Peninsula – A 12-day trip with an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities as well as possible stops at active scientific or historic bases. Departs Feb. 4, 2020; priced from $11,405.

Crossing the Antarctic Circle – This 14-night expedition begins at the tip of South America and charts a course through the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula with the ambition of crossing the Antarctic Circle.  The challenge and adventure of this journey is based on going as far south as possible before getting stopped by the ice. Feb. 10, 2020 departure; priced from $13,170.

Antarctic Peninsula In Depth – This 14-night itinerary offers a more in-depth exploration of the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula, including the Antarctic Sound, located within the Weddell Sea.  A major highlight is the stark difference in scenery from massive tabular icebergs, lots of sea ice, and geology far different from anywhere else on other trips to the Peninsula. February 14, 2020 departure; priced from $13,170.

Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica – This 20-day trip offers passengers an opportunity to get up-close to breeding penguins, seals and seabirds as well as magnificent mountain scenery, glaciers galore, and a rugged coastline punctuated with icebergs, a rich historical tapestry, and an astounding array of wildlife. Feb. 23, 2020 departure; priced from $14,445.

Whale Science Voyage – As part of a partnership with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, this 14-day trip gives passengers the opportunity to participate in a major research study being conducted by a team of scientists on climate change and its impact on the humpback whale population. All guests will track whales and collect data. In addition to ongoing briefings on the study’s progress, there is also a panel discussion on The Future of the Antarctic led by the WHOI Team and Polar Latitudes’ team member and marine biologist and whale expert, Annette Bombosch, PhD. Feb. 27, 2020 departure; priced from $12,150.

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